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Jiang-type footwear Co., Ltd.1Queenie2012-05-27 23:48:22
Jiang footwear Xinfeng located in the city , Zhenjiang city. Professional production: shoe head nurse shoes - safety shoes - men and women of goods - technical skills - guaranteed quality ! And the year to practice operations of leather processing. Welcome everyone to join for cooperation! Contact Information Company Name : Jiang- type shoes Co. , Ltd. Contact: Mr. Jiang Rongshun Tel : 0511-83321010 Mobile: 13912807635 Fax: 86-0511-83321010 E -mail : Website [email protected] Address: Xinfeng Town , Zhenjiang , Jiangsu Zip: 212141
10B5-1 plan for insider trading??? Has anyone opened this type of account, or hold securities in this type of0haha2012-08-26 00:11:02
I 'm a financial adviser and I'm looking to open a 10-5 -1 plan for a corporation. From my understanding , an insider must file a 144 with the SEC and also a 13D if you have more than 5 % of the shares . The plan 10b5 -1 allows corporate insiders to trade freely there values ​​. How much stock can be put into this account ? Can shoot actions in this account ? How many shares can be traded without filing with the SEC , or you have to file a 144 anyway ? If they can trade freely there company shares obviously not definitive , how knowing how the SEC does not regulate actions within the plan? I'm looking for someone who has experience in this type of plan to respond . My department told me that compliance with the
Excuse me how Where is the type of the type instead picture the file? Want detailed place!0Cher2012-09-30 16:11:01
Thanks to your help , I am very appreciated!
How do I find zhe jiang holly international co.,ltd?2Elvira2012-02-19 05:17:19
this company make embroidery machines in China, I find address of this company please help me
Dongguan Wan Jiang Lijie Commodity Factory is a liar you0Yasemen2012-08-23 22:49:02
The laundry detergent and other cleaning products factory , manufacturers are real ?
The Shanghai that buys newly adds up to Jiang Tao short engine to cannot be used, how to do?1Janice2012-05-06 19:47:58
I think the Bacheng Ba in A create a network in July this year , bought the machine from the soft peach cookie ** Shanghai machinery plant , misuse , not the manufacturer keeping the wearer , how should I do?
This is not a liar Jiang, Xiangfan City, Hubei Province, Long Electrical Co., Ltd.?1Novia2012-06-16 21:58:02
There is also a named Wang Qiang, and are colleagues , Hubei Province , Xiangfan City , Jiang Long Electrical Co. , Ltd. Purchasing Department Address : Xiangfan City , Hubei Xiangfan Deng Xiangyang Xiangyang Road Phone City: - 0,710 to 3,922,785 086 Mobile : 13635787770 Zip: 441104 Fax : 086 -0710 to 3,922,785 website: -
Search brand sweaters or sweater skirt Jiang Wan Lu households agent [Notice]0lobot2012-10-11 18:59:08
Sweaters trademark search or sweater skirt homes Wan Jiang Lu agent [ Important ]
Some people know that there are in Liaoning Province Public Security Department called Jiang Zhuancheng it?1Vientiane2012-03-03 22:12:24
Some people know they are in Liaoning Province Public Security Department requested that Jiang Zhuancheng ?
Wang Jiang Jing polyester thousands of birds grid market favored by the President1mouse2012-01-31 01:33:53
Jing Wang Jiang Thousands of polyester network market birds favored by the President
Footwear English - Cutting1 Kefir -2012-03-03 05:15:51
English Shoes - Court
Footwear English - Material1swan2012-04-16 01:08:55
English Shoes - Material

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