Why some sellers do Alibaba Alipay transactions?

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Asked at 2012-05-27 08:15:29
Of course, some vendors use the payment transaction , but why and physical prices as low as 1 % of it , or even less , if the buyer really captured what would happen? The seller is selling ?
Answer1HoratiaAnswered at 2012-05-28 18:20:20
With low prices to attract customers miss again, and then talk with customers about the price in this way, your credibility is gone There is no standard price of Alibaba , is not very transparent, and at usually require negotiation , communication can be directed to commercial success. Friend, a product line , the same types of species that can not be rules more accurate reporting of prices , usually in order to attract customers at the lowest price if you are also differences among the low and also a good product too, and people certainly will not sell. The market price is very transparent and the seller must be sincere offer , buyers should also be reasonable under the market trading . There are many aspects of this , some products are not suitable because the company paid the transaction , either because the companies have a delivery channel. In summary , many factors .
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