Some tips abot how to find a good supplier

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Asked at 2012-05-27 04:48:34
Hi all, I would like some tips on finding a reliable partner in China.
Answer1QuentinAnswered at 2012-05-28 19:31:28
First everything must not no original products, including some well-known brands for mobile phones and laptops in china.If you want to buy original mobile phone as the Nokia N95 8GB or something like that in China you can get for under $ 400 per pic.TRUST ME. Things that are selling in China and tell you that this is really an original high-quality or poorly copies.So trustworthy provider you place.I say that at first we have seen some good advice on this forum to check all these items before deciding to do any shoping in China in case I forgot to write something. always try to talk with suppliers that have webcam so they can show the products via webcam, I say to show you the battery and switch, if is possible. Go on the official site of the brand you are looking to learn as much data as possible, you can even find the code that is written to the mobile you can tell if it is original. always ask for your business and export licenses, phone number, etc. .. Website and call to see if all data are consistent with what you have. As far as I know there is no legal way to export copies of electronic products in China, because the company could be caught by custom and get in serious trouble if caught copying export products.I learned that have arangment especially with companies Submission does not check out the products Shiping, and is another way that for the first time sent to Hong Kong and then. And some abit what fraud companies complain that Alibaba not sufficiently verified, are all companies registered legale commercially licensed to sell in China, but what you need is the export company has eho licenec issued by the Chinese Department of Foreign Trade Ministry. Google on the web in the forums to learn more about this company esspecialy in forums like this. When you ask them to place an order to send the sample to be paid, but phone to only pay 50% down payment or even through paypal or something. And not having that crap for not paying the tax or fee that is personalized to the fate that may not know wheter his custom is to charge a fee. The best thing to do is send as gift wrap, but if you want to import large quantities of electronic products will have to pay customs fees and taxes (ask if you can divide that big in a small order and send it to the family name and friends as well as wrapping paper) Ok now let's talk about laptops. First you should know the difference between OEM / ODM (google to find out what that means). There are some brands that use OEM / ODM, but some, like IBM, Apple, are not used and can be purchased from distributors cerftified whic are very difficult to china.If found at the company tells you they are certified dealer of some branded laptops asked them to send "certified third-party", then check out the factory is that valid.If certificate you want to contact me and I will show how the certificate looks like. You can buy OEM / ODM laptops like Dell, Toshiba, HP. But you should always ask the supplier what you're selling and ask that the guarantee (for I know only (OEMs have international warranty) guarantee that others have given only supplier.If he says you say international warranty to give Serail list number of the laptop and the warranty so you can have a look on the web or in local supplier.I do not know if I said everything, but this is basic, if you have any questions you AIN contact me.I will answer any question you recommend some good companies. And do not forget, you can make some money buying products from China, but do not live in illusion taht can get fillthy rich in just a couple of months. < / span> I wish you luck.
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