I was duped, how should do, money hits the past, everything has talked, goods does not agree to be sent tardy, the mobile phone stops again machine. . . related questions

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I was duped, how should do, money hits the past, everything has talked, goods does not agree to be sent tardy, the mobile phone stops again machine. . .2 등과 같은 대화에서2012-11-06 01:30:03
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I bought a batch of check developing a value is to sell the home to did not give me deliver goods we does. Money hits the past1mare2012-01-20 21:15:58
I bought a batch of strong values ​​of block value by 700 yuan an inn . But they make 1,000 yuan of money in good faith once more after his company to deliver the goods arrived. To say the ability to meet and me. When he was being given , of course, say 3,000 yuan hand again. At this point I realize to be deceived. What everyone says I should do? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Camera lens of Chengdu **** limited company one 800 hind the requirement hits money to make a money in all 6200 even, I return money he says meeting refund did not see money from beginning to end I become aware be duped0Merli2012-07-22 08:30:02
I bought beautiful of Chengdu **** limited company can EF55-250 camera lens one 800 yuan, they say to hit money to deliver goods I was done again directly first, as a result they say a batch after 3 days 4, let my Fu Qi 4 money, ability can trade after, be over regressive 3 they push me 2400 other. I am illuminated did. They say to want to make sure safety of personnel of their deliver goods wants 3000 yuan to make deposit again after. Just can trade after trading immediately refund. I am illuminated did. Cannot trade again after, carry again rose cash pledge to want to fill to just can trade to 5000 cash pledge. I felt to be duped. Around makes money to account of the other side in all in all 6200. For a 800 yuan camera lens. The 2000 sign that did not see camera lens from beginning to end. I stopped to trade instantly. After they say the goods such as the meeting answers storehouse immediately refund. Tomorrow is the time that they go back. I was duped. Request, I am fraught.
His sincere letter connects Si Chaofeng the mobile phone is authentic, after making a money first, delivering goods1Neil2012-03-14 02:43:48
He saw the paragraph delivers the goods said to your mobile phone. Sincere letter is connected real website is Http :/ / szshichaofeng.cn.alibaba.com
Hello, connection goes to a company well to see goods make money, but the company just does not agree now, want to hand in money to see money again first. Authentic?1Huette2012-01-04 02:01:30
The expert is good! Dongguan see in the tire business network of 100 million hair , connect a telephone number at all times. Money had decided once again is after seeing the money to the company, show that a firm hand to ask for money to see the money again first. I do not know possible!
I want to buy a mobile phone on the net, after the businessman should pay first, can deliver goods, whether to have a risk so1Priscilla2012-02-12 18:55:44
I want to buy a mobile phone from the stage , talk to your employer, but the manufacturer must deliver the goods after the first batch is purchased as a function of the hand?
I was cheated 1500 yuan of payment for goods, the requirement after cheater gathering continues to make a money, requirement refund, close machine do not go up line. How should I recover payment for goods0Rroyd2012-10-19 15:43:55
I'm in Alibaba is small and wholesalers to be woken up in Fujian , the member company limited hardware sold 1,500 yuan decided locks, the other party has not paid treasure to order the card is obtained , after my card collected on the other hand, said that 2950 yuan send money however , the requirement includes 1450 yuan , I ask again to see the money remittance , the other party says no to follow to reach a point of not delivering the goods absolutely , reimbursement requirement , say they want me to wait 20 days, executioner machine is not received after hearing , also disappear online , cheat undoubtedly face is exposed , expert forgiveness , how you can recover payment for goods ? How can you stop cheating be punished ? Thank expert is solved.
MOTO mobile phone enter * # 06 # verify IEMI code, why the first 7.8 is 00? What does this belong to the goods1priyanka2012-07-21 07:05:02
Authentication type * # 06 #
Mobile phone dead machine? ? ?1Benjami2012-02-19 04:11:41
Does my computer switch the card into the mobile phone in the mobile phone of the machine dead , oh yeah the phone from others ' clothes get stuck can not put my card ' which may be the case also used in the other mobile phone ? ? ?
Buy the home to already paid sell the home to did not deliver goods tardy how to do1Cathine2012-04-03 08:46:31
Buy the house you have already paid to sell the house for not delivering the goods that arrive later how to
My mobile phone does not support JAVA, can you brush excuse me machine?0Sweetpea:)2012-07-13 15:33:01
My mobile phone associates, do not support JAVA, can you brush machine? Possible can be the word found there associate brush machine software?
Is mobile phone of the EB-X88 below the pine full of report not to leave machine?0ishmael2012-07-10 02:41:11
Have light , did not immediately press again has no light of lamp

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