How to aovid being cheated by Gold Supplier identity theft?

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Asked at 2012-05-24 05:59:20
How aovid be deceived by identity theft Gold Supplier ?
Answer1ditch Answered at 2012-05-24 15:56:36

This is a problem we do not care, even alibaba let them do that more nesessary fraud , I have been to China many times and every time I can see that the company 60% or more to pretend better get urself below to see the inside of Alibaba then just make money with the hotel finde many fraud companies is very easy to find suppliers of gold and that fraud in Alibaba. Director of Business M.Vann Cello < / p >

Answer2moose Answered at 2012-05-25 19:49:28

Please contact me if you want to know if a provider is a trusted provider (China only) , I'm in China specializing in researching the supplier and can provide certification and the image and the solvency of you, then you can identify and confirm whether it is necessary to establish bussiness to them or not . < / P >

Answer3 â¿´ Shang wrong car -Answered at 2012-05-25 20:44:21
FRAUD Almost all the code does not have a trading business . Require them. But it is very easy fraud to falsify a document. Carefully review the documents. What they give you. At least , require the product photos with them together. This is a very effective method if they are not your company directly . Is the question of whether stablely can buy good quality products and good price from a reliable company or not. It is impossible that only you can buy good quality products and low prices, unrivaled in Alibaba. " Never ignore the" advice of senior management . Good luck ~
Answer4ElvaAnswered at 2012-05-25 21:57:24
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I firmly believe that Alibaba should implement the buyer and feedback program seller for all listed companies and all members of . Like how they do on eBay. This way you can eliminate all scammers in Alibaba. oh , I think if we do that , 98 % of all companies in Alibaba must be eliminated because they are all scammers. Alibaba is out of business because it has lost all thieves. < / P >

made ​​me order 10 different companies and cheated all 10 times , ie 100 %. Not only stole my money, but I stole the hope and confidence. I feel so betrayed. < / P >

Answer5AlvAnswered at 2012-05-25 23:05:53

who are victims of fraud

fraud victims often portrayed as naive individuals ingenious boring to all but throw money at every opportunity that arises. This is a stereotype that scammers welcome, since no one is considered a fool, which means that most people consider themselves immune to fraud from the beginning. An arrogant businessman who thinks he or she knows that all is one, which is likely to be stung by fraudsters experienced foster arrogance, using it as a tool to keep the victim unconscious on the hook and in the dark.

is very dangerous to look down to the victims of the fraud for a two reasons. The first reason is that scammed victims, this could be one day if you're not careful, and two, while he gloats and feel superior, they are not learning from the mistakes of the other person, and are, in fact, setting yourself up to fall into the trap itself.

The reality is that each dealer is a potential fraud victim, and it's rare (and no merchant perhaps) that has never been the victim of any fraud, whether minor or major. The old adage "Pride comes before a fall" is never truer than when applied to international trade.

Who are scammers?

Being able to identify a scammer is a skill invaluable, and will grow with time and experience. However, even experienced traders can sometimes be taken in by a slick with a glossy tone. An entire section is dedicated to the tricks of the fraudsters, so it will not be hampered by too much here. Suffice it to say that most scammers seem to be very nice people. It's your job to win the confidence of unwitting victims false, and many of them are very good right.

by geography

Nigerian scammers have become well known even traders do not and, although I must warn that nationality is not evidence of fraud in itself, it should thoroughly investigate trade leads and offers that come from Nigeria and other African nations. As China develops into an economic superpower, similar scammers are emerging, as are many countries in Europe. There are certain points in common in all these cases, the scammers from countries that have experienced severe economic repression, in making an "honest dollar" is a much greater challenge than in other developed countries.

Organized Crime

behind many scammers , which is a powerful reason to stay well clear of deals where you can not identify all the parts and supplies. The consequences of becoming entangled in these groups and leaving itself economically or physically vulnerable can be extreme. Operators should be aware that in some jurisdictions, organized crime can be integrated into the government bureaucracy and government offices, so extra care should be taken when dealing with business partners in jurisdictions that do not know. A trader should always investigate the unique climate of a new jurisdiction with respect to organized crime, among other things. Information on how to do this is presented in later sections of this guide.

Answer6 ┌ (Lei think ゝ -Answered at 2012-05-26 02:50:13
Answer7Mr. Winky Answered at 2012-05-28 00:00:13

be smart < / p >

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