Alipay how much credibility is

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Asked at 2012-05-23 21:55:09
I've heard of the recent spate of news from Express, not expected to create 12 years DDS courier companies face problems of cash flow, then Alipay is how it works, is supported by what it is? We can not believe that Alipay ? Our marketing network problems what would happen ? Our network marketing, what are the problems and how to solve
Answer1PakistanAnswered at 2012-05-24 00:46:18
Buying and selling process to see Taobao , Alipay a good solution to the issue of trust between buyers and sellers to pay fair and responsible parties , such as the Po , the buyer need not worry , the seller does not ship or bad quality does not have to worry about the buyer received the seller non-payment after delivery. So not only credible Alipay , but also an indispensable means for online transactions . Alipay is still relatively high credibility of it, directly with each other cards from banks to insurance and more money to fight it . E-commerce transactions every day , therefore, must still have room for maneuver, if the case really Alipay collapsed one day , there will be a better platform to look credible. Everything is on and the weakness of its period of prosperity, with the advent of the weakness of the new things that come other .
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