i want to purchase pressure cooker of aluminium related questions

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i want to purchase pressure cooker of aluminium1Veromca2012-05-24 00:17:38
I want to visit China and want to buy aluminum cookware hard anodized nonstick pan with aluminum oressure . before coming to China to manufacture I want some real good agent to do business geniune . pl help me
Pressure cooker pressure vessel1kat2012-07-12 05:38:02
Pressure cooker, pressure cooker , pressure vessels belonging to it ? Why? Coca-Cola bottles are pressure vessels can be?
Electric pressure cooker how to use special stew0Antia2012-07-24 03:40:02
I bought a beautiful electric pressure cookers, electric pressure cooker presented a special steaming pot (purple clay texture) that can be placed on electric pressure pot soup, but I will not use. .
Use of high pressure, safety valve when the pressure increases, why do not exhaust the exhaust and the surrounding1Stphstvn2012-08-17 02:09:04
I bought a good rice cooker or rice cooker is good?1 ˉ cold and cool -2012-04-01 17:27:49
Rice is the lid and pot together, and that while the insulation is also handsome, but I'm a northerner , like to eat bread , eat bread to a frequency number to run , but steamed rice usually very small , electric cooker relatively large rice steamer'd point , but isolation is not good , what should I buy ?
Blood Pressure 911 Active Ingredients Maintain Blood Pressure Level!0bloodpresab2021-06-19 20:31:11
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Hot Pot Cooker1Dayo2012-02-09 07:04:26
Zhongshan Valentino (Italy) Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, 2005, the factory hot cooking pot in Guangzhou was established in 2007, Valentino registered in Hong Kong Electric Company, has been to focus on research and manufacturing of the slow cooker, selling products in major cities, sold to: France, Japan, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Valentino (China) At present, in order to create special pot of hot pot, high quality kitchen appliance-based, technical resources of Italy and Hong Kong. Induction into the pot, using industrial control technology, design of a furnace for high reliability, long life industrial-type special pot, and the first in the national launch of self-500W fashion technology, and present the smallest 800W power source of the oven, not suitable for implementing high hot pot restaurants. The pot of different technical solutions have different characteristics correspond to, for example, Chongqing hot pot, hot plate, and is used twice as large coil heating element, a good solution to the cooker pot large diameter, heating and picture puzzles, with power induction cooker 2000W 3000W home the effect of all this technology comes from: Valentino Induction Center. Oven at home, we agree with Chinese characteristics and family characteristics of the European family, were designed for high-end Chinese and European double-double stove induction cooker induction stove. Chinese double stove is designed for separating hot water and cooking, kitchen with dual-ladder magnetic coil concave dual use, but also isolated the fire and called the fire burning, a little soup with ordinary clay pot in the country to create added heat tablets old technology truly traditional fire burning soup. European double stove induction cooker, in full compliance with European and American culinary customs of local design, the highlight of the products of high reliability and function of fried, fried. Valentino adhere to people-oriented technology, excellence in product performance and the pursuit of personal integrity and determination to make the best cuisine and the world to use technology to improve and enhance the quality of life the persons named, the product from design to production, provided a quality system that high technology is environmentally friendly, so it refused to enter without environmental certification of Sybase device components, the products are test components, plug-in, assembly, general performance testing, security testing, radiation testing, the aging process of the testing standards at the factory to ensure every aspect of trust, to achieve reliability of the final product, our quality objectives are: online pass rate of 99.5% pass rate of the factory was 100%, a revisionism year is less than 1%. Valentino improve sales and service sites, no matter where you are going to buy Valentino, you will be able to get the event in local seafood and friendly service, currently in Hong Kong, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Henan, Jilin and other cities and regions have a sales center Sybase. Valentino products have obtained CCC, CE, CB and other national quality certification, select Valentino kitchen, give life to experience science and technology fun, Valentino welcome more people know, understand, Valentino, Valentino is gone!
Supor Cooker SDHS42-210 and SDHS13-2101wassup? 2011-12-22 04:59:51
Which is better ?
the No.1 bussinessman of induction cooker in India1Astrid2012-06-21 03:50:02
Who is the No. 1 bussinessman induction cooker in India?
Cooker the first time the U.S. put the burned out shell, What A1Jas2012-06-21 15:28:24
The first cooker with the United States will not use, empty the pot burn 5 minutes what no other debris around the stove, do not know why some burned shell of the stove, it is na boring! Do you have any of it?
How will my electric rice cooker ah? Water is cleaned1Iris2012-03-15 01:53:04
February only
Asahan Aluminium 0adtech122022-02-22 22:26:26
Ceramic Foam Filters   Asahan Aluminium is the first key process that determines the application of aluminum alloy materials. It determines whether aluminum alloy materials have metallurgical defects and high-performance heritability, and dominates its application and development in various fields. In casting and rolling production, the amount of melt filtration per unit time is small, and the flow rate is slow. Casting and rolling are mostly pure aluminum and soft alloys, and the green body is easier to purify. Generally, 50ppi and 30ppi two-stage ceramic foam filter s are used. The thickness and area of ​​the filter can be determined according to specific overflow calculations to meet the requirements. Compared with casting and rolling, the production situation of castings is more complicated. The flow rate is large, and the filtering method of the filter is the same as that of casting production. The filtering flow is equivalent to more than 253.5 times that of the pouring roller, which reduces the filtering effect. In order to ensure the same filtration efficiency, the flow area of ​​the filter should be increased to make the flow per unit area of ​​the filter equal to it. Secondly, in the duralumin and super-hard aluminum alloy melts, the possibility of containing fine slag particles is much greater than that of pure aluminum and soft alloys. Therefore, the filtration efficiency cannot be reduced, but it must be greatly improved in order to melt. Asahan Aluminium introduced Ceramic Foam Filter  Asahan Aluminium is a product that achieves high purity. This product can be purchased through [email protected] Therefore, it is best to use Ceramic Filter. It not only increases the filtration surface area in contact with the melt, but also reduces the flow rate per unit area of ​​the melt. It ensures the filtration efficiency and flow rate. It can also reduce the filter pore size and increase the size of the filter to meet the production requirements. Porosity to improve filtration accuracy and reduce the number of residual fine particles in the melt. Four aluminum rod factories in the Jombang Sumobito district of Indonesia were shut down. Why? On January 22, 2021, four aluminum rod factories in Indonesia were seized by investigators from the Joint Law Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Jabalnusra, Bali, Indonesia for handling the toxic and hazardous substance B3 (a type of aluminum slag waste) without permission. The four aluminum rod factories that were seized were located in Bakalan Village, Jombang Sumobito District. These four companies have been using B3 scrap (a type of aluminum slag) to produce aluminum rods since 2017, and the products are sold to household appliances and other industries. The person in charge of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry explained: “The company that was sealed up used B3 waste in the form of aluminum slag without a B3 waste utilization permit, and dumped the remaining waste on the road, etc.” According to relevant Indian laws, the heads of the four aluminum rod factories will be imprisoned for 1 to 3 years and fined between IDR to 300 million.

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