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Recommend a good LCD display and hard drive 231Sweet1_2luv 2012-05-27 20:27:10
I would buy a hard drive in the New Year, the larger the additional requirement is a single plate, the most important thing is to ensure quality , do not use the time period will have bad sectors or something. I'd also buy a 23 inch LCD monitor , 16:10 . It also requires quality assurance and beautiful. The hope of the people recommend .
Will: I know someone else's IP, to adjust something on his hard drive. His hard drive is shared to. May I ask what method or software can be realized1maharaj2012-10-14 07:22:01
Reminded the wide area network
Can somebody help me with finding a good External hard drive supplier?1Shí-[dē] 2012-03-15 18:11:37
I would like to know about a good external hard drive vendor Seagate and Western Digital probably marks ? If ura customer of a particular provider, would be more useful? Thanks in advance for the answers.
Good components for building my own 2.5" / USB 3.0 portable external hard drive? -- CONT'D BELOW --?0Moonpie_172012-09-01 14:39:04
I want one of those small and portable with USB connection ( or perhaps on AC ? ) External hard drives , but I'm a little worried about the build quality and durability standards already built versions . . . . I read the reviews and see many reports of premature failure or other problems . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I'm thinking of taking a drive on a laptop hard critical acclaim as one of these ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus WD Scorpio Black 500 GB 7200 MedlinePlus
QQ Speed recommend a good B-class drive too fast drift performance to better driving skills issues1ORD 2012-05-07 21:35:11
QQ Speed ​​recommend a good record of performance Class B drift too fast to better driving skills issues
My samsung 120 hard drive, made a GHOST, and then there is no hard data1Isaac2012-05-04 22:55:18
Hard disk partition is gone, just reformat the C drive, I want to do data recovery , that friend to help in the final version of EasyRecovery Pro v6.10 recovery, but not installed in China , how to operate? ?
My mobile U disk, there is not open: The computer has found a new hard disk access, but were double-click to open display "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open1Benso2012-04-19 23:12:34
My mobile U disk , is not open : The team has found a new hard disk access , but were double- click to open the "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open
Scan for viruses on your computer hard drive often will damage it? Because every time I look at the computer scan the hard disk are working non-stop, same as now with BT1Calvin2012-03-15 03:52:24
Scanning for viruses on your computer hard drive often gets damaged? Because every time I look in the computer hard drive scan are working around the clock , as now with BT
Hard disk does not turn, windows does not start, the display did not reflect.1Emmanue2012-01-20 06:30:34
Hard disk not lit, the windows will not start, the screen does not reflect. CPU fan speed, the drive power supply unit has power. This is the case , would have to drive hard and 80G 80G hard drive , and then told me that the situation seems to go beyond the external hard drive , you can not recover the amount I had with a multimeter, the hard power normal , but are not presented , there is no alarm. Please prawns little to the point! Thank you ! Thanks .
SATA hard drives individuals to buy good or better IDE hard disk1Georgina2012-03-04 22:54:33
How much Ram and hard drive do I need for a dell pc?0Roaming.2012-10-25 13:42:59
I use my computer to research subjects , trading on the Scottrade website , woking in bank accounts . I want a reasonably priced PC dell .
Smaller hard drive, how do?1.X ° 2012-03-29 01:35:13
My team was originally the 60G hard drive , C , D , E, F are 13.9 g of four disks. I do not know how the case , F 6G disk now only much ,Ah ! Strangers. Recently used the optimized master , do not know why. Askah ! thanks

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