Clothing with a single job duties

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Clothing with individual job responsibilities
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Work clothes with a single function more complicated with a single work, small tasks, many difficulties, whether with the help of some tools unilaterally, it will solve a lot of double handling of the day work to improve efficiency with a single and reduce the chance of error of sex. For example: with a single network endowed with a unique, one of the tools: a single network, providing a single industry, a lot of information and business with a single software system to help solve a single process in the case, different things, trivial things, so it is no more difficult with a single. with a unique tour of the literal translation in English, is from the business until the end of the company - are generally carried to the end of the financial do - a set of business processes. This is followed by a single place of business that have been in evidence - the evidence, documents, reports, etc. - repeat the simulation of business processes. Documentary Merchandiser Merchandiser Handler definition refers to the process of doing business, based on customer orders, product tracking, monitoring service operation of the movement of professionals. (Not part-time substitute) in all orders to work on the boat to the person responsible for the delivery, all merchants. The following is the garment industry Merchandiser: Merchandiser out during the live work, pay attention to the arrangement and orderly, in particular, to ensure personal safety, the more attention to the representatives of the corporate image. First, the daily work: fully prepared and understand the order data (customer, documentation, production process, final confirmation samples, the surface / materials such as letters, confirming comments or corrections, special circumstances may be taken as), to confirm the master of all the information about whether the details of the production process between the unified and detailed. For detailed instructions on matters not clearly show that the technical department and business unit for timely confirmation. and outside the company must ensure that all requirements and information processing between the detailed and clear, consistent! (Better than written test) to learn as much as possible before the processing facilities of production, the operating conditions of the plant and the advantages and disadvantages of a full assessment, it is known too. Merchandiser words and deeds, attitudes are representative of the company, so that the business units to meet the appropriate course of business must be to understand the basic principles of due attention to the words and actions, attitudes, nor arrogant nor servile. Banned by subjective or objective reasons the client (or Merchandiser client company) are the root words and deeds. Treatment course of business, can not arbitrarily override position, the company decided to see a problem in a timely manner. fully evaluate the work before any sexual problems, corresponding to strengthen efforts to improve the detailed preparatory work to reduce or eliminate the possibility of its occurrence. Not to find problems in order to adequately protect before, identify duplication of work, the timely processing of the issue and reviewing our experience, methods and details of future work to further improve the game as a fundamental way. 6. Merchandiser and charging orders (operator) to maintain close contact for the interests of both sides, two together to communicate the problem to a minimum. Second, the inspection procedures of the production process: surface / materials to plants, plant the shortest possible time under the supervision and detailed inventory of the invoice, receipt by the factory. If there is a short code / low phenomenon and confirmed to participate personally in the inventory. He did not play as samples of pre-plant, will make his kind of confirmation before the operation speed of play, and the factory is responsible for writing the results of tests and Technology Section of the plant. The special circumstances to be submitted to the Company or the Customer acknowledges that the correction is correct before production. test of the plant before cutting patterns confirm the version of a long and detailed consumption after the confirmation by the factory manager to sign and report to the open wound. confirmation of consumption depends on the factory to check with the side / overflow value of missing accessories, specifically written to company data. If there is less material that feeds current issues of implementation and report to the processing plants. I have to inform the overflow of the factory where the item returned after the end of Division I, and to ensure economic use and eliminate waste. each plant during the initial production, each process is carried out semi-finished high level of inspection, if there are questions that reflect the plant is responsible for timely and adequate management and supervision to help factories and implement improvements. each plant part after the first plane of the finished products to its size, workmanship, style, craft a complete and thorough examination. Issue an inspection report (production of goods of early / middle / end) and the correction, by the person in charge of processing factories remain a signature confirmation, the company maintains a copy and fax. daily logs, reviewing the work to develop the program of work tomorrow. According to the prior delivery of the goods on the production schedule, detailed daily records of the plant production schedule court calendar, the situation of finished products, the number of production machines, according to the progress of production schedule and monitor the implementation of the factory. Progress report of production to the company at any time. Merchandising for customers or companies proposed for inspection of the factory production, quality requirements, to monitor, assist in processing plants are in place, and the timely submission of performance reports. the finished product at the store, workers should always check the actual operation of the board, packaging quality, and occasional random testing packaged products, there are problems for early detection and early treatment. Best efforts to ensure the quality of goods and delivery. After packing the goods, for cutting and packing list to verify the details, see all colors, all numbers match. Identifying the cause of the problems must be solved in time accordingly. processing after cleaning tools and recovery of all the remaining details of the fabric. various aspects of the production process (and the company relevant departments and business units), in collaboration with the intensity of the problems, the answer to the problem of capacity and performance of the whole order to summarize the report in writing to competent management of the company. 13. In the inspection process must be fair and objective. Manufacturers can not receive the benefits of a little more, forgetting their duties. 1) have better linguistic basis, acquire a certain amount of professional foreign language, while at least (cloth / clothing) manufacturing processes have a fundamental understanding: orders - preparation - Open CD - dust mop (if Car flowers or beads) / floral arrangements (in the case of lace flower arranging) - Sewing - by hand after all - to carry out the check - and the packaging and so on. 2) Orders: customers clearly understand the different sample types and styling needs, with customer orders at the time, and we can find some of the production problems that may arise and to induce customers to accept products is both a unique style, but his form in the mass production of products (Note: "suitable for the production of goods," This is especially important when the sample is taken into account because if too difficult and usually not a good facility to go, then no doubt a great deal! increase the cost of production ......), the customer needs are clearly marked on the organizer. 3) the production of fabric A. That the master made arrangements for the preparation of works of art at the same time, be careful to follow the progress of each process in the production process and record each problem encountered, needs attention, and the amount of each materials production hours for each information processing basic cost accounting. 4) See the Office: the full sample, the designer watch you do the factory (the merchant for early entry is important, you can learn some technical issues) and see if you have to do to do if you've learned from customers as if he wanted to do. 5) The cost data: the sample is sent to the client to do after the presentation and cost data of customer choice, it needs special care seriously. We all know that there is something wrong, or if the cost quoted error, this paragraph that the goods after the great loss with the production of goods ... ... requirements: 1) a good language base, acquire a certain amount of professional foreign languages ​​at the same time, at least for the production process of garments have a fundamental understanding of: receiving orders - Preparation - open court - powder sweep (if flowers or beads cars) / floral arrangements (in the section where floral lace) - Sewing - Hand - finished - check full load-2) orders: focus on convergence with staff the office is doing a good style to do when the corresponding data file - This part was especially careful, for example, make do when to do so, the client has requested additional changes to the practice of the majority. 3) the production of cloth: the production of one and the process when you do the problems, modify the methods and insights of your customers the information distributed to the appropriate process. 4) monitoring of production: multiple walk to the workshop, managers learn to process all sections of the goods produced species in the problems that arise, if necessary, to customers of the problem and need advice or comments. .. ... 5) The delivery and quality: at the same time with the purchase of good quality control to quality control ... ... 6) a data set of individual shipping containers: the need to provide out of the box pre-loaded data to the shipping department of a unique set of customs data used to ... ... 7) Packaging Ships: In general, customers have several different brands, the position of the car brands method of packaging information. The client asks you to do it ... that ... 1, the first thing to do: design drawings done outside the factory of the first page, page size and the approval of the board (and designers together), if confirmed, should continue to make the complex version. 2, confirmed that production models: Order of the budget to surface materials purchasing department ordered a single cross. 3, baking accessories, accessories for baking billing (CMT did not do a single tissue) 4, to do before release: materials with large surface charge (eg, as no material may be temporary, subject to the clearly marked) to the right to do prenatal, persecution and the approval of the Office (including technology, size, materials, styles, etc. In short, before the kind of large goods). 5, production progress and quality of monitoring to ensure delivery and quality: On the CD, the number of CD, the initial inspection, interim inspection, the end of the inspection, delivery, return from the liquidation of main accessories . In the production environment to solve the problem, each part should be easy to slip from time to time reminded inspection. If the number of a more or less, and material and fixed-term replacement, FOB only in the number of acceptable range normal: the number of no more than that, do not accept less then the number of Phase III to treat how the quality of supervision, how to resolve the delay in delivery and so on. In addition to technical expertise with the single, not the relationship between plants and processing attention, this is a very important key in one step, including: prenatal type of confirmation, sending confirmation sampling, production plants and companies in the interface between the communication quality of the identification of raw materials, production technology, packaging, delivery and follow-up period, with the reminder, so that, ultimately, including the production of the entire process. There is one with a single company with one, especially for companies in foreign trade, technical knowledge requirements are not too high, primarily responsible for production plants and invited to make contact and arrange shipping method and shipping schedules, payment. Of course, the fabric (cloth) quality is also very important. In general the only process is as follows: from the customer's order to complete the contract, according to the distribution scheme of the room always nesting after preparation of the fabric, while working in the information sheet production different departments (including the plan to make, quality, technical department, purchasing department). The material to the plant after the plant can keep track of what the real situation for the production workshop program to improve communication with customers, and at the right time for guests to understand the conditions of the bulk plant operation to prepare for special circumstances (for example, is not timely delivery can not be delivered on time, etc.) so that guests receive the message for the first time, to prevent customers sailing book in advance or by air, due to return to the central store is not timely and necessary losses. Documentary Note: 1: The product is correct. 2: The size is "accurate." 3: The style is wrong. 4: The work is meticulous. 5: The final color is "right". 6: a seamless joint materials. 7: if the material to processing plants on schedule. 8: The time is a problem. All acts of the employees represent the company's corporate image, whether of the individual words and deeds, or of doing things, the importance of personal and corporate image is very important.
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