Lifan 520 07

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As for the first time at the Beijing International Auto Show back an independent brand, Lifan Auto has launched this year, two Lifan 520 sedan shows the basis of paragraph 07 of the models, the most elegant and best all new look for the family car market have added a D. and over 07 Lifan 520 in body appearance, fuel economy, dynamic performance and capacity for the space of room, so no two continued high fuel efficiency, low fuel consumption, the advantages of large space among the best in its class. Lifan cars in the booth of Beijing International Auto Show, many visitors have discovered the 07 Lifan 520 major changes inside. 1.6 in display of 07 Lifan 520 sedan, the interior of the vehicle changed the style of the original warm beige color, become black and silver chrome parts based in fashionable colors. Instrument panel and interior door trim chrome on the characteristics of the constant possession of space in front of the room full of vitality active, vibrant, and black leather seats and red and white appear to be more movement to make this car Lifan atmosphere that carry the New Year wishes to the new type of car. For a small facelift, Lifan, said the car sales people, 07 Lifan 520 interior in a warm family atmosphere, although some aspects of desalination, but fashion will be in the car market next year, new car buyers choose. 2006121812101178_big.jpg (0 bytes) :02006-downloads 12-22 17:31 Favorites -> Add Media Share -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [317262] = [26913]; attachimgshow (317,262) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "xiongjie0913 "/ / Array3Days [1] =" 2 "users [1] =" xiongjie0913 "xiongjie0913xiongjie0913 Send PM Add to friends xiongjie0913 (xiongjie0913) 366 jobs currently online UID331781 experience the essence of the 11 points of 1463 Copper 787 70 100 0 Read Access Prestige Male online registration 0 hours Chongqing 27/08/2007 12/17/2006 Last login 11 minute periods after 1463 366 The experience of the essence of copper 100 787 70 2 0 Prestige Read access published at # 12/22/2006 17:46 | search the support of the inside top ~ ~ ~
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