How to distinguish between true and false state legislature paint? What other brand is better?

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True and false questions , please answer in detail!
Answer1JenniferAnswered at 2012-05-23 01:27:37
If no identification is not the best way to shop. The Chinese consumer market, the concept of installing a common misunderstanding, which is certainly as long as the brand that is good, that is, to be sure, for this reason that manufacturers find ways to make the mark their own products, of course, are based on the intrinsic quality of the products is not enough, you have to invest a lot of publicity, but also is a distributor of coordination. I do not know that everything is ultimately a huge amount of advertising to consumers to pay the bill. Especially as cosmetics, toothpaste, paint and other packaged products by consumers deep in the purchase was simply not see the quality of products, which can only be guided by the distributor (and not misleading) to decide whether to buy. I did not make the national statistics, but in our circle (I'm in this industry circles) I and clearly, there are plenty of people (at least 80%) in the first when he chose the decoration of Nippon, but said the second yam have not been decorated with Nippon Paint, Nippon Paint in the end, when a friend asked him when he said good or bad is good, do not blame you blame? Polyester paint for the renovation of production is essentially accounted for most of the market in Guangdong, which are imported raw materials is almost the same channel, check processing and packaging technology is basically a big difference in costs manufacturing are not large, the overall quality is not very different, but take advantage of the methods of sale and not the same as the selling price will be very different. Eliminate discounts purchase expensive and distributor benefits are similar. There are manufacturers in order to protect the interests of all regions of the same dealers several brands of packaging materials that can prevent trade competition, and sometimes for a year or a few brands, some manufacturers also use different brands, but the basic material inside to see much. Today, widespread bribery and decorating materials, the phenomenon of the country, so you can not hear people's products recommended construction, most of them are linked. Currently, the major paint brands are: 1 Paintings Resources (China Famous Brand, China Top Brand, National Inspection) 2 Shi Ji Yigao Pearl Lotus (CRC factory paint another name) 3 Viagra painting (Famous Brand China, national inspection-free products) 4 Dulux paint (the world record, citizens of a free inspection of products) 5 paint PPC (1883 U.S. He Ginzburg City, the world record in the main picture) 6 Jotun Coatings (1926 Norway, the world record in the main picture) 7 Ferris paint (China Famous Brand) 8 off West coating (Japanese brands, the Asia's largest paint company) 9, three trees paint (famous brand in China, national inspection-free products) 10 Carpoly painting (China Famous Brand, China Top Brand, National Inspection without products) 11 Ashley painting (National Inspection-free Products of coating) 12 Avalon (National Inspection-free products) are 13, covering aromatics (German quality) 14 paintings Great Treasure (National Inspection-free Products) 15 Nippon Paint (China Famous Brand, China's leading brand), etc. - ------- live also!
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