Clothing sales staff skills

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Clothing sales staff skills
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In the process of selling clothes, sales to unprecedented role in whether the seller is very important skills to master the sales of clothing, the first to consider the skills recommended for purchase. Besides clothing vendor customer display, and to illustrate this, should also recommend to customers' clothing to lure customers to buy the interest. Recommended Clothing can use the following methods: 1, to have confidence when recommended, recommended clothing to customers, sales staff has the confidence to customers of the clothes have a sense of confidence. 2, suitable for the customer's recommendation. Tip of the goods and the description of the client when the client should be based on actual objective conditions recommended for clothing. 3, with the gesture of recommending to their clients. 4, with the characteristics of the products. Each type of clothing that has different characteristics, such as functional, design, quality and other functions, to recommend to their customers the clothing, to highlight the different features. 5, the conversation focused on the products. Recommended clothing to customers, we must find ways to bring the conversation to clothing, taking care to see the clothes reflect the client to facilitate a timely sale. 6, specifically, the advantages of all types of clothing. Description of the garment to the customer with the recommended time, to compare different types of garments, for example just the advantages of the various types of clothing. Second, we must pay attention to focus on sales skills. The media should be key selling. For fashion design, function, quality, price and other factors, must be from person to person, really make the customer psychology by the "more" to a "belief", the success of the final sale. In a very short period of time allows the customer has purchased the faith, is selling a very important part. Sales of the following key principles: 1, since the beginning of 4W. From the time of use when the use of times when, dressed so that, why use the staff to buy in the making, is conducive to successful sales. 2, the emphasis should be brief. Clothing customers that feature, the language must be clear and concise, easy to understand content. The most important feature of the clothing should be the first to say, if the weather began to drill. Yield of 3, specific. According to the client's situation, resources can not be stereotyped, but said: "This dress good," "This dress their best" and the language of marketing too simple and general. Change the sales target for the speech. To introduce the different customers different content, so it must be from person to person. 4, hold the popular dynamic salesperson to understand the cutting edge of fashion, clothes to customers who meet the popular trend.
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