Are beanie babies worth much money?

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Beanie Babies are worth much money?

Answer1LynnAnswered at 2012-01-04 22:45:53
On one side: The market has gone The craze for TY Beanie Babies peaked in the late 90's and by 2010 the demand for most of the models had been greatly reduced . Collectors also purchased a bunch of them on speculation , hoping that prices would rise. When prices stalled , meaning a lot of people made a lot of mass produced Beanie Babies. Most of them can be found at prices below $ 1 . On the other hand : Some Beanie Babies still valuable Since 2010 the demand remains for some " strange" Beanie Babies. These models, which were often released for a limited time in limited quantities , it is worth significant money , especially if they are in perfect condition with original tags attached . bottom line There is almost no demand for normal, non- rare items , but a small amount of the rarest Beanie Babies reach prices in the hundreds and thousands of dollars.
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