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Tianjin Motor Show fashion cars1ゝ Start 2012-05-22 23:43:21
Recently, Chongqing local self-brand vehicles Lifan 520 participated in sports, which was held in Tianjin Jia Hui Motor Show, attracted a lot of people stopped to watch. We are a new force in the automobile market was full of praise. The following are Liangtu auto show people share 1.JPG (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 3-20 11:45 Bookmarks -> Add Note Sharing -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [319669] = [27460]; attachimgshow (319.669 ) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "beijixue" / / Array3Days [1] = "2", users [1] = "beijixue" beijixuebeijixue Send Message Add to friends beijixue (beijixue) 463 Posts Offline UID331791 current experience the essence of 17 points 1984 170 1011 Prestige 0 Reading Access 70 Male Copper Online 0 hours Chongqing 12/17/2006 26/08/2007 Last record thorough search after the experience of 463 Essence 17, 1984, 1011 Prestige points 0 Reading Access 170 702 copper # Posted on 03.20.2007 11:46 | search the author. . JPG (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 3-20 TOP 11:46 Reply references / / ArrayTmUsr [2] = "beijixue" / / Array3Days [2] = "3", users [2] = "beijixue"; beijixuebeijixue Send Message Add to friends beijixue (beijixue) 463 currently offline messages UID331791 experience the essence of 17 points 1984 170 1011 0 copper Prestige read access 70 Male Online 0 hours of registration Chongqing 17/12/2006 Accessed 2007-8 26,463 posts thorough experience of the essence of 17 points in 1984 copper 1011 170 703 0 Prestige read access # Posted on 03/20/2007 11:47 | search the author. 1010013.JPG (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 3-20 TOP 11:47 a.m. quote / / ArrayTmUsr [3] = "xxj520" / / Array3Days [3] = "4", users [3] = "xxj520" ; xxj520xxj520 Send Message Add to friends xxj520 (xxj520) Post UID298549 Digest 0 Credits 27 Posts 81 Posts Prestige experience 0 Reading 0 54 20 copper line male privilege Registered Sex 27.02.2007 Last login time 0 hours 2007 to 8 Digest Posts diligence -24 0 81 27 54 status credits experience copper 0 0 20 4 # readable Posted 03/29/2007 12:47 | find Jane in the top of the top d
knew the Beijing auto show, cars fashion cars! ! ! !1u-can-take-the-boy-out-tha-hood-but-not- 2012-02-27 19:51:18
Vehicles fashion fashion! ! ! ! Vehicles fashion fashion! ! ! ! Vehicles fashion fashion! ! ! ! Vehicles fashion fashion! ! ! ! [Em02] [em02] [em02] [em02] IMG_4935.gif (0 Bytes) downloads: 02 006 -11 to 17 22:00 Favorites -> Add Note Sharing -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [315890] = [26553]; attachimgshow ( 315 890) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "kakakaii" / / Array3Days [1] = "2", users [1] = "kakakaii" kakakaiikakakaii Send Message Add to friends kakakaii (kakakaii) is Offline messages UID337374 Digest 0 44 14 30 0 Prestige copper credits reading experience of Access 10 Male 0 0 hours to the start time of the last online session 12/07/2006 07/12/2006 sensitive position and eager to learn from the experience of 14 Digest 0 Credits 44 posts Copper 0 30 10 2 0 Prestige read access # Posted on 12.07.2006 15:01 | do not believe do not look at the point of existing FAW Toyota Reiz Car Automobile great savings on purchase Reiz off series of 10,000 yuan of individual models offer a higher (absolute surprise price), friends, and do not miss Reiz, ah! For more information, call: Tel: 020-87567211020 -87567800 Group buy cars: 25,954,816 Car Purchase Commissioner: 13424468265 (Lu Sheng) Tuen Tuen Valley customers buy www.tongood.com Valley Forum www.tongood.com / bbs buy more cars: Buick (Regal, LaCrosse, Excelle, Excelle HRV), Nissan (Tiida, Shen Da, Teana, Sylphy), Honda (Civic, SDL, Accord, Odyssey new), Toyota (Reiz , Corolla, Vios), Volkswagen (Passat, Golf, Jetta, Polo), Mazda (horse 6), Dongfeng Peugeot (206,307), KIA (Cerato, Optima), Beijing Hyundai (Accent, Elantra), Chevrolet (style, Epica) , Ford (Focus hatchback, the Focus, Mondeo), etc ... ... buy the business: buy car, buy your building materials, appliances, buy, buy, buy digital mobile phones
The tall Chengdu Motor Show Cars - really a pleasure ah1King2011-12-30 22:56:37
Car is very good, the beautiful Oh general lack of temperament points ~ ~ ~ I am very , ah the good thing is that the dark color of the point, the car is black , oh. I like this car , feeling the car models Zeyang not ! Is not it beautiful ! Haha, the beauty is quite the ability to make people see more. If the family car , it is not often appear on the show? The angle of the second film is better, the third seems a bit old.
Liang Ying Shanghai Auto Show fashion cars1pigeon2012-04-18 21:01:43
It is understood that the Lifan 520 (thematic argument really make a data plan) to comply with the hatchback version of the current consumer demand hatchback body style and the actual use of the aesthetic needs of the dynamic compact sedan seems some have a more stylish and more elegant, to the taste of young people. But its basic body and sedans the same size, having the same internal space. This post has been edited on 4/26/2007 8:36:34 Lifan hatchback 20In addition, the Lifan 520 hatchback version will be split into two versions for different consumer groups: one will be built as a sport, with special emphasis on decoration to reflect, more suitable for young, fashion and family sport, and the other version is warmer, more family centered. Hello Manager: Our company is specialized in the production and sales of the company's automotive GPS navigation products, main products are car GPS navigation systems, car xenon lamp. Including car navigation with 4-inch, 6.2 inch, 6.5 inch and 7 inch series, using the latest generation of GPS positioning module 3, the fast and accurate location, the National Commission 2G detailed map of all true after the round, MP3/MP4 music player, photo browsing and other features to give you relaxed on your journey! you want to delivery agents, wholesale, personal, and please refer to our Customers, Thanks 1 QQ: 408149154 Tel: 025 return mail [email protected] -85622499 Fax: 025 -85506132, 13260774262 Contact: Mr. Wang Website: www. lei-ba.comhttp :/ / runmagongmao.cn.alibaba.com http://njrunma.b2b.hc360.com body Technology Co. Ltd., specializes in car GPS global positioning satellite navigation and development, production, sales and after sales service as one of the industrial enterprises, and serve as customer service, follow the hard work and integrity of others, strive for excellence, and constantly improve, and all customer-facing the needs and interests. We hope that colleagues and the community work together to create a better tomorrow! For more information, please click www.dailugps.comTel: 020-61145615 61149511Fex: 020-61149511E-mail: [email protected]
[Photos] large brilliant fashion beauty fashion show ~!1Humphre2012-02-14 23:21:45
[ Photos ] of great beauty bright fashion show ~!
Motor vehicle drivers in Hebei Province, Tianjin, once illegal in the records, how to pay a fine? Violation problem1Basilia2012-02-21 02:08:54
Motorists in the province of Hebei , Tianjin , once illegal in the records, how to pay a fine? violation problem
Singapore Motor Show 20061Brigham2012-05-27 19:45:19
Lifan and Wong lead the car companies are also carrying Lifan 520 1.3-liter and 1.6 liter motor show debut of two models. Wong- vehicle unit of the company in local companies in Singapore, which is the right agent Lifan brand cars worldwide . According to Wong- unit personnel Lifan car company car version of right rudder was developed and is actively seeking partners in Southeast Asia and its surroundings in Malaysia involved in the production of Lifan 520. 20061114025705.jpg (0 bytes ) Downloads : 02 007 -2 to 2423 : 51 Favorites - > Add Media Share -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [ 319032 ] = [ 27319 ]; attachimgshow ( 319,032 ) / / ArrayTmUsr [ 1] = " auto crazy "/ / Array3Days [ 1] = " 2 " , users [1 ] =" auto crazy " crazy crazy crazy Auto Send PM Add to friends car (crazy machine) the essence of the current online UID467304 after 1274 experience points 4710 286 21 2654 0 Prestige read access copper 90 men sex online 0 hours to best Accessed 16/01/2005 02/21/2009 1274 the essence of the experience 21 points 4 710 286 2654 Prestige 0 reading access copper # 902 Posted on 27/02/2007 18:09 | look or more of the beauty of pretty eyes pretty eyes is more beautiful
Beijing Motor Show Ford 360 concept car watching! 5P0is this right!!!2012-10-04 09:14:28
The table next to the Beijing auto show concept car Ford pavilion for my personal photo original, HC Red to signify the release site may not be reproduced without prior consent! Only users enjoy and comment! For reprint requires the consent of msn: [email protected], more photos, please visit ... ... 9bjcz - zc2.jpg (0 Bytes) Downloads: 02 006 -11 to 21 10:42 favorites - Classification> Share Add -> Doherty _ TOPaimgcount [316298] = [26 680]; attachimgshow (316,298) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "cnyhdq" / / Array3Days [1] = "2", users [1] = "cnyhdq" cnyhdqcnyhdq Send PM Add to friends cnyhdq (cnyhdq) UID427930 Digest Posts 0 Credits 88 27 55 3 Copper Male Sex Experience 0 Access prestigious reading 20 0 hours to hours of time online logon last 2007 07/03/2006 diligence -11 to 13 0 post 27 points, 88 experience the essence of copper 3 55 20 2 0 Reading Access # Posted Prestige on 12/09/2006 16:24 | feeling pretty good look at the author, feel superior, ah, as it was very good ~! I love this car, I do not know how to open and feel? My husband wanted to buy a open open? Price how ah? we have to discuss the increase, I contact QQ461150103 ~! OK! ! [[EM05] [EM05] [EM12] [EM26] [EM10] [EM11] feeling, ah, must be, as it is very good ~! I love this car, I do not know how to open and feel? I wanted to buy my husband for a new open? prices much ah? we have to discuss the increase, I contact QQ461150103 ~! OK! ! ! [[EM05] [EM05] [EM12] [EM26] [EM10] [EM11 feeling], ah, must be as very good ~! I love this car, I do not know how to open and feel? My husband wanted to buy a open open? Price how ah? we have to discuss the increase, I QQ461150103 Contact ~! OK! ! ! [[EM05] [EM05] [EM12] [EM26] [EM10] [EM11]
Chengdu Motor Show spoof of the Yaris, turned the rabbit car1Newma2012-03-05 18:38:22
Chengdu Motor Show hot these days, I go to the scene looked lively Couzhuo Auto Show. At the booth of Guangzhou Toyota saw a purple black Yaris two lying in the corner booth, which is drilling. Guangzhou Toyota has been feeling the Yaris advertising intentionally added to sex: the GG is black, purple is the GM. Jay and Karen were also looking for approval. Seen in the show in two and together Yaris, but with a car, but feels the image of the two vehicles have large differences. I do not know if the color of the reasons for the lines of purple Yaris always feels softer than a lot of black. I went to the purple part of the Yaris, Yaris from the side and looked around the first line of small rounded body. If the persons described, it is easy to produce a beautiful print. I suddenly thought if combined with a pair of rabbit ears, the backdrop of purple Yaris that big of a crouching rabbit booth. Look in the front of the Yaris is the front grille as a cleft lip. . . Take pictures, look forward to engage the spirit of evil, to share with you. PS out of the picture, though I suck, but for everyone to see the effect should still be out. Not how to make changes to the car, so that the proportion of Yaris is the original form. PS may be out of the very poor, viewed from the front of the front width of the Yaris, with the ears look a little smaller, a little unbalanced. Viewed from the side that I think about it, but I think the Yaris look in the first round, plus the small body after the rabbit ears, or rather like a small rabbit. Yaris makes purple look can go the route pretty. It is said that the purple Yaris is a different color, because I think people of a different feeling. The people of Taiwan on the Internet found a change in the Yaris photos, this car is a dark line, manual reconstruction site. Distinctive large eyes do not change the lights, but seem to do with the purple lines are completely different. Grid on a slice of the first looks like a toothy, = _ =! white teeth ... ... pictures of other objects used, also in Chengdu before finding some new elements of three and a shot of the store to see the car Yaris below the photo, the look of the car makes no changes, just added decals. Version also added some black interior, but little change in overall appearance. Of course, that the two bumper cars are not good looking, can be one of the 4S shops selling car stickers car so the choice was relatively conservative point. Just do not know if the car will offer personalized services. After comparing several images the Yaris is a change in the way should be plenty of room for the car, is a good "perch". Various modifications, such as complement of surround sound, Tim tail, etc., in a relatively rounded Yaris vehicle body can cause significant changes. Not surprisingly, the Toyota Yaris in Guangzhou, a list published in the car do the marketing competition. As
Thailand Motor Show 2007, the role of car model, so beautiful1yEs,Madam2012-03-09 06:09:07
March 30, beautiful car models in the Motor Thailand. Honda Motor Cars Ford Toyota mm are the model of professional fashion, there is a feeling of cold MAZDA Mitsubishi models of the two models mmSUBARU mm eccentric wizard and sexy back tattoo of car models , please , Volvo is a professional model mm high DUNLOP tires auto show models of ocean models only a few millimeters Land Rover models in this show the hotter the body of a mm [ EM17 ] [ em09 ] [ em20 ] Well , thanks , everyone Haotie so strongly support that the owner, admire Kanwan Mo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ top first , good comrades and to provide network marketing tool QQ: 525093551 certainly worth a good look at the top of the top first click [ EM26 ] lessor hard [ EM26 ] landlord www.111sc.com hard [ EM26 ] Thank you , very good! [ EM26 ] [ em27 ] help! [ EM26 ] [ em27 ]
Beijing Auto Show Cars Need beautiful portrait of interpretation! 10P1Punker Chick 2012-01-07 06:12:39
Beijing Auto Show Cars Need beautiful portrait of interpretation ! 10P
The most notable Beijing Auto Show Cars enchanting charm! 10P04me2use2012-07-12 03:45:01
The most notable of Beijing Auto Show Cars charming charming! 10P

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