China's toy exports decline

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Chinese toy exports decline in exports, toys recently, Health Canada said it would file the application of children's toys to amend the relevant safety legislation. Canada said the first phase of the current consultation was launched in five areas including: contains magnets or magnetic components of toys, toys that talk, some toys, the size and shape of toys or toy packaging film plastic or plastic bags choking with age and clear warning labels for toys. Before the Canadian "Hazardous Products Act" provides that: contain any state, can be separated from asbestos products (eg, amosite, crocidolite, etc) toys (eg, crayons containing asbestos ) In addition to tennis, in whole or in part, the preparation of nitrate celluloid or cellulose or celluloid or toys containing nitrocellulose prohibits the importation into Canada or in advertising and marketing in Canada. And "dangerous products (Toys)" Regulation requires that toys and children's products should not contain excessive toxic and corrosive and irritant substances photosensitive agent, and not to restrict specific chemicals. The understanding of the industry, after the introduction of new legislation, relevant policies will be more stringent, this also increases the risk of China's exports. In 2009, the barriers can be said to improve the most common toys a year. Including the U.S. and Europe, including the leading exporters of toys have changed or new toy testing regulations instructions, the risk of increased export companies to play. Canada used to be the fifth largest exporter of toys from China, but with the increasing trade barriers, with rapid decline in export volume. Since August 2009, the Canadian has been reduced to our sixth major exporter of toys. With the end of the season, Canada and other trade barriers in major markets in China rises, the future of toy companies, particularly toy export enterprises still pressure recovery. Also in this case to remind the business changes in export laws and regulations in question, independent research to increase the quality of the product and the development and testing efforts, and actively develop new markets, the pressure force to sustainable development of enterprises. According to Customs statistics, in August 2009 China's exports to Canada $ 120 million, a significant decrease of 30.8%. The same period, China exported 170 million U.S. dollars to the ASEAN, growing 68.7% opposing, and jumped to China to replace Canada's fifth largest export market for toys. The data fall again in September, according to the first three quarters of the General Administration of Customs, exports to Canada and Russia, the biggest drop toys were 27.5% and 41.3%. Medium:
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We must look to their products to improve a number of other things , the products should not be based solely on price , if a day had the price advantage is not the time, what else can we let people buy their own reasons for which
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