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The work that smell! Slaving for many no power! Married month you can not spend enough money , then the point ! I made sales, I would like to own designer clothes , bags or other agencies (drinks, etc ) are well ! But the brand did not know how to contact the agent ! Adequate guidance , please! thanks
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The luggage industry is very good , I recommend you look into the top ten brands Louis? Louis Vuitton ? Vuitton was founded in 1854, now part of the French post -production of luxury goods group Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton high level. Founder Louis? Vuitton himself. Luis? Vuitton has created a revolutionary flat top of the leather case and opened the first store in Paris. Like today , its design will soon be copied, flat square suitcase become the trend . Luis? Vuitton bags lining gray canvas is the first, in 1896 , Louis? Son of George Vuitton, the father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower pattern , the design is still the renowned monogram printed on canvas ( MonogramCanvas ) style.
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