Fontal city approach starts trade limited company how much is registering name

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Focus of the city begins Fontal limited trading company is the amount of recording the name, business gear
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The city-state approach achieves fontal limited trading company Guangzhou EVG to grow is directly under the branch puts the industry limited liability company in the city fontal (Guangzhou is long this industry to manage commodity fortune , showbiz dress, and are involved , the sources of energy , three-dimensional TV, potable water , health care domain wait to taste ). Focus of the city begins to advocate Fontal trade limited company of general merchandise of daily expense battalion wholesale and retail; race product has , basically , items for the use of watches, toys, electronics, books, household items , office, expect a variety of 5000. EVG was in China as Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Chengdu , Chongqing , Nanchang , Fuzhou , Xiamen 40 many large and medium enterprises in the city, many establishs 100 branches. You can contact with contact · Contact: Phone · The young Footage: 0595-22129853 0595-22129862 · Fax: · Communication address : Treasure of the city-state and constant source of root tuber of aromatic turmeric in the southern Feng encloseds continent Xincheng road ground for growing trees G308 (Bao Zhoubin house leads down to the letter in the bank is above 3 buildings ) · Postal code : 362000 · email: [email protected] · The firm network address : Http : / / www.evg800 . com
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