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matching problem with the battery ups1Gar2012-05-22 04:08:33
matching problem with the UPS battery
PDA battery problem using1caylin2012-07-29 09:45:58
My father has always been to buy a PDA to play, finally optimistic about ASUS A730W and Dell X51V , cost nothing, just a problem of this battery, online ordering direct from Dell, so easy to operate , leaving the A730W the extra battery 1800mAh , the problem is to ask, the battery , so if the purchase, the amount of money? Screen saver on the amount of money ?
Who can tell me ah! ! Battery problem, Hao Fan Ah, do not understand!1Yennis2012-01-09 18:07:14
The battery is 850 mAh 7, nickel-metal hydride . I have a charger GP, the model is GPKB01GW Input voltage : AC 220V ~ 50Hz 10W Output Voltage : DC 2.8V--100mA/45mA I can use this charger , 2850 mAh Ni- MH battery is charged and the duration of 4 what? Thank you ! ! !
On the digital battery problem?1Gilber2012-04-24 20:50:45
The same brand of batteries "AA " alkaline batteries ( nickel- oxygen disposable) are time consuming, or Ni -MH (drums ) is the power of his time to shoot a time? ( Digital camera used in the same environment ).
Hewlett-Packard / HP Pavilion dv2013TX (RD500PA) battery problem online and so on! Thank you0Charlotte2012-07-07 17:42:01
Recently bought a Hewlett -Packard / HP Pavilion dv2013TX ( RD500PA ) found that the battery seems a little problem , charge the battery for several days, but always within 45 . And the worst thing is to disconnect the adapter plug to turn off . For its own power supply can not be started . Somehow, I hope to help solve ! thanks
Help help ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ urgent ~ ~ ~ ~ My cell phone battery for transit ZT89, and ask who knows how can sell this type of battery ah0Karissa2012-08-04 02:36:50
Some time ago bought the transit ZT89 the battery slot on the bad 2: (now only a battery insisted ~ ~ no way, be electric too short, I ask how can this type of battery in Nanjing to sell ah? ??? online shopping can also be ~ ~ ~ Thank you ~ ~
Need e-cigarette PCC which has Nokia battery and can change the battery in PCC kits2Popoff 2012-05-26 02:41:29
there is a new e- cigarette product introduced into the market, PCC kits and LCD kits PCC is a place for Nokia mobile battery , you can keep nokia battry and then load it , you can change the battery in the CCP kit , I need this type of cigarette PCC, no factory in Shenzhen is having these products please contact me , I need urgently this product thanks very much refers to 1: Jimmy carly 2: Ali Khan Texas LNG Corporation , USA BHN Minerals Limited
Does the hot water by gas on the gas, the battery should the battery removed the bath complete it?0tabia2012-08-01 19:14:02
Nokia 3310 did not replaced by a battery 6 years, and now we must charge less than half a second power, want to change the battery can not open the case, the instructions are lost, please do think about2Marvi2022-07-28 01:20:37
Nokia 3310 is not replaced by a battery of 6 years, and now we have to charge less than half a second power , wants to change the battery can not open the box, the instructions are missing, please , think
li-polymer battery competitive battery for you2Omeristhebest!!! 2012-02-04 05:13:11
Looking Li -ion battery for your phone , communication equipment and so on? because it is hot for Tablet PC , there is a great need for battery.We lithium ion polymer can provide solutions from design of the battery to after-sales service . Li -ion polymer battery with a flexible size , high capacity, which is widely used in the Tablet PC. Company: Shenzhen Baiguan Battery Co. , Ltd Tel :86-0755-29959376-802 City: Shenzhen , China Now we have a type PL903465 3.7V with a capacity of 800 - 1000mAh High quality and competitive price for you. If you have another request, we can design and deliver solutions for you. thanks Jasmine jiang SHENZHEN Baiguan Battery Co. , Ltd. TEL : 86 - 755 to 29,959,376 MOBILE : 86-15012619434
Need help matching this!!?2Com 1552012-10-05 21:22:02
1 . deals with rates 2 . appointed four judges A) Court of International Trade B) of Richard Nixon
On the KTV decoration and matching problems.1antilope2011-12-30 19:17:10
What I do ktv small point. 0125 In the bustling city hall is 6.5 square meters, aims to separate into two layers, is expected to be 8 KTV rooms of different sizes, add a row , the problem to help estimate the cost and interior decoration KTV ( sound decoration sofa Air Conditioning VOD system, etc ) about what it costs. Please list as detailed as possible. Thank you.

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