Textiles spot color printing technology screening (below)

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Textile printing color detection technology (below )
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Screen textile printing ink color stain added color flat screen printing textiles besides, in principle, all inks are available, and even water based glue, as long as the network is large enough or can be printed. 1. Suspension of water color network printing. Color printing with water suspension dot patterns, usually only printed white fabric, the effect is better than four-color printing, but the cost is higher, because the plate more. If a dot pattern printed on white fabrics are printed in fabric color, you can use the same piece of fabric screen printing plastisol ink color printed on white cloth change the water suspension. 2. Point color solvent ink network printing. Solvent ink is not drying characteristics, can withstand the temperature of the coated fabric fibers. The downside is slightly less able to hide, pollute the environment. 3. Plastisol ink color network printing. Textile, thermosetting plastics printing ink (plastisol ink) is the best screen textile printing inks increases. Its features are: a. quit solid at room temperature, does not harden, so that it will not block the network, to print outlets and a very fine line (no matter how high the number of display line, provided that the screen wine, hot ink can be printed), b. hiding power, c.100% solids content, can be easily printed thick layers of ink (printing), compared with the foam printing, speed, good elasticity, color, edges and corners clean, d. can be printed quickly wet on wet, which improves the efficiency of production, e. decorated with all kinds of textile auxiliary materials such as glass beads, plastic beads, plastic films, metal films, light reflective materials that combine special effects such as printing, f. low-cost, domestic prices have been close to the price of ink mortar, but the coating is three times the size of the mortar; g. completely the environment. Heatset textile printing ink is readily available in the country is not only a major international manufacturer of thermal ink have entered the Chinese market, many domestic enterprises have launched a plastisol ink, and the use of imported raw materials are basically preparation of production, but prices are also low. Spot color screen printing equipment requirements textiles added here primarily to discuss the use of thermal printing ink for textiles and garments, equipment requirements, equipment, mainly into two categories: printing equipment and equipment drying. Domestic printing plant now widely used in the printing units can be used for board production line hot ink is printed? First, if the Board is to support high-temperature furnace, if ordinary glass table certainly can not afford. Second, if Taiwan board production line of cars and drying is a far infrared dry heat? Whether to use heat in the production of printing ink, but the production efficiency to be printed garment oven to obtain the distance to the impact of round. Thermal printing ink is used to produce the best two-disc rotary printing machine clothing. Double disc rotary printing machine with manual type of clothing, type 1/3 semi-automatic (card clothing or scratch disk automatically rotate automatic printing), 2/3 semi-automatic type (disk clothing board automatically rotate the screen plate automatic landing), the most automatic. Domestic production in recent years, many sales of similar products abroad to enter the domestic market are often people think that printing devices hot ink to be cured by the actual occurrence of far infrared drying mystery, no matter what the method can reach a certain temperature while all the ink to thermal curing. Some manufacturers use the technology of thermal printing ink, use of the low efficiency of conventional methods far infrared heating or heating equipment is achieved with certainty the effect of curing hot melt. However, if the print quality of printed products and special effects appear poor fastness, color of the cloth and so on. Far Infrared is a spectrum between 0.75 1000um beam is not visible. Far infrared heating of the industrial zone of 2.5 15um cash. Its features are: fast heating, radiation and strong (high penetration), so that the far infrared is the best sweltering heat. Effective in the far infrared range (depending on the potency of different sizes), the thermal performance of not only large but also penetrate the body surface, while the effective depth of heating. The better the quality use of far infrared materials, the higher the efficiency. Thermal printing ink, especially printing is the use of special materials effects of this advantage of the development of far infrared al. Solid ink printing equipment, heat drying is the most critical components of the quality of heat, the first should be a component of far-infrared heating, the second should be a component of high-efficiency infrared heating. Far infrared heating (power) of the main methods of direct thermal printing side and heat two. The traditional components are next to the far infrared thermal heat, ie, heating elements (electric wire) produce heat, and then carried around (round stock) or next (plate material) to produce the source material Far infrared heat; The latest technology is that direct thermal printing: the power to direct heating of far infrared materials. Clearly, direct thermal thermal thermal efficiency than the next highest, more energy. Check the far infrared have special equipment, but can be a simple test: use a thick cotton gloves, put his hand in front of the heating equipment such as gloves, warm surface of the hand has not felt the heat, then Far Infrared heat the material components is not efficient, if the surface of warm gloves, hand-Ray also felt in the heating, the material is highly efficient infrared heating components. Solid ink printing for thermal efficiency temperature control far infrared tunnel oven is also very important. The key indicator is the difference of positive and negative temperature. If the temperature is about 5 degrees, then the absolute difference in temperature to 10 degrees. If set to a target temperature of 155 degrees, 160 degrees is 5 degrees, minus 5 degrees to 150 degrees, ie fluctuations in temperature between 150-160 degrees. Of course, the smaller the temperature difference between positive and negative, the temperature stability of better working conditions better. Some foreign companies to adopt far infrared drying oven gas, but also because the temperature is very easy to control, virtually no temperature difference positive or negative, but the LPG produces far infrared heat as electrical energy generated by strong Far Infrared. Far infrared energy generated by the furnace temperature was positive and negative 3-1 degrees. Infrared tunnel oven efficient far infrared heat chamber temperature uniformity, gas discharge (related to the degree of discoloration of the fabric), the quality of the conveyor belt is also very important. Therefore, the purchase and efficient furnace infrared drying tunnel now have to be careful. Textile screen printing spot color, plus three high-1. High quality. Add spot color screen printing and good degree of effect in reducing the color printing can not match the image. The color and fabric of any color on the advantages of printing four-color printing is also difficult to achieve. 2. High efficiency. Add as a spot color screen printing ink is produced mostly hot, so you can use automatic printing machine to produce efficient, even 16-color graphics, two workers can be printed 1h 600-800 pieces. And 2/3 semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machine printing machine close to production. The double-disc rotary printing machine clothing, if a worker per channel, and then two workers to take the clothing workshop, and performance can reach 300 per hour. Even if a worker operating a double disc print 6 color printing patterns clothing machine can produce 200-300 pieces a day. Its production efficiency is much higher than the print mortar. 3. High profits. In the market, a mortar print shirt (no mark), but the retail price of 10-20 dollars, adding a spot color screen printing T-shirt (no brand), I saw the minimum sale price of 45 yuan, the average retail price at 55-90 yuan. The benefits of a big difference between the two. In the process of printing, processing fees mortar overall impression, from 0.10 to 0.25 color and spot color printing, plus web site are in the 2.00 to 5.00 per million, we can see that the benefit The latter is considerable. Add spot color printing screen textile technology has been popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia have also been widely adopted. China's Guangdong and Fujian, on the European and American fashion T card orders and the impact of domestic sales, learning and use of this technology, companies are also increasing. Enterprises in east China's garment printing today want to learn and master the feelings of this technology is also more urgent, this is for the upgrading of technical equipment.
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