High-pressure steam and drip coffee machine coffee machine difference

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First ask the operating principle of two coffee machines What are the differences? The key to making the coffee two coffee machines making any difference (this is an objective sense )? What is the difference in taste (this is the subjective sense )? There are two types of coffee machines can do the kind of coffee? Questions added : And if I want mocha or cappuccino with milk sugar , in addition to the back of the class in different ways (not tell me) I want to know in selecting coffee beans , no special needs?
Answer1JosepAnswered at 2012-05-21 18:44:39
Coffee is not particularly understand, but can also answer questions in front of you . Steam engine no Italian espresso , the espresso is his name. High-pressure steam , the temperature is high, the coffee powder in a short time the essence of the merger out , so that the taste of strong coffee from a cup of espresso ~ ~ General of the volume is 50 ml, equivalent to the amount of regular coffee 1/4 . On the basis of espresso , add all ingredients, using different techniques, this is called the coffee estate, more particularly , cappuccino , then iron , and so on. Regarding the drip coffee maker style , usually called American coffee machine . Directly through the coffee powder is hot , so the coffee tastes lighter, suitable for fixing deep roasted coffee. Coffee comes out of this, what tricks did not seem right :) that seem to make iced coffee ~ ~ ha ha As for your supplementary question, I really do not know ~ ~ ~ I personally prefer to use the left Mandailing mocha pot , strong enough ! ! !
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