Please talk casually of Li's view. related questions

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Please talk casually of Li's view.1Ive2012-05-21 01:11:44
Please speak lightly of view of Li.
We talk about your view?1Ah. . 変 ㄋ cesium. "DаWa" 2012-03-22 01:46:46
I would like to ask you this : I have 27 years of age, before the work is followed by the work of brother and sister who are operating Internet cafes , as I say less , since the beginning of this year to unemployed the country now has been out of work . Now that your husband wants to Coffee Bay , said it did not work I want to help me, and then called me and he had a friend working together, I said , I want to get ahead . He also knows that there is no money here, my family, my family money borrowed is invested here, but before I thought that if the three co - operation should be I will not be as sweeping the floor and then overnight with previous work, but now with everything I say at least to listen , and to save the wages of a person, and I have nothing to do now to come here to work (ie the same as the normal people who go to work ) every day and clean sweeping shifts . I can not really understand , the family said I could eat hard, and I know they are for me , but I just I can not understand . How can you help me in the end?
Had used Nuojiya the friend of 7200, talk about you to be opposite please the view of this mobile phone1shan2012-09-29 10:59:02
Casually a game ~ ~ ~ CPU to use 100%0tonya2012-07-14 22:32:02
`` Casually asked me a game ~ ~ ~ CPU to use the 100 %```` previously never before such a `` ```` Islands of Adventure opened and then cut out and playing cards will bite `` CPU `` There are ten `~~~~~~~~ 7,8 per cent in their play on the computer while the computer will beep after the `` do not know how going to cry `` `is not used before The `~ that sounds almost 10 minutes interval or 20 minutes it` ~ ~ you me a big favor
Is it worth it to get an e Trade account to casually buy/sell stocks?0Russ2012-08-28 04:50:08
I'm a college sophomore and I was looking to buy some shares here and there to get some money I could leave it there for a while and let it accumulate . Be ecommerce is a good company , but is it worth it for someone in my position . I have some knowledge about stocks and I have no intention to go and blow a lot of money and expect to get rich quick. MedlinePlus Thank you.
How much money do you make casually trading stocks online?1Brodey2012-08-04 23:31:03
I don't know to much about it, but am hoping to start trading with 4-5 hundred bucks on this online account where it is 5 bucks a trade. Is there chance to make some actual money if I read the charts etc? How much do you make
Which only a relatively wide network of the Swiss Army knife of the type and price (price casually ).....0Sushi2012-08-14 10:25:34
That only a relatively comprehensive network Swiss army knife of the type and price ( indifference) .....
zb_type_name = rstype ("zb_type_name") in front of zb_type_name is a missing link? Or casually defined? Why equal?1Maisha2012-11-04 22:48:01
% SQLTYPE = " select * from photo_type where zb_type_id = " & request ( rs ( " zb_type_id " ) set rs = Server.CreateObject ( " ADODB.Recordset " ) sqltype , conn , 1,1 if not ( rstype.bof and eof rstype . ) then zb_type_name = rstype ( " zb_type_name " ) end if %
"Base table fields have been changed, no longer match the view field, the field can not set the view property" is What do you mean ah? How to solve ah?1Hug2012-01-01 21:17:50
VFP experiments, there is a table does not open pop -up "of the base table fields have changed, no longer match view fields , field properties can not establish the point of view ," the words What does it mean ah? How to solve ah? Pointing shrimp Labyrinth ... ah ...
Let's talk drug war (2)?1Aut2012-09-05 13:33:03
I asked this yesterday,but am unsatisfied with the responses I got, I'm trying again today. I am of the opinion that all drugs (not just Cannabis) should be legalized. I want to hear some reasons I am wrong. Below I'll give my reasoning: I believe the government has no right to control what one does to themselves. The government is infringing on our natural rights to self- property and self-ownership by, telling us what we can and can't consume.. Jobs that would be created by legalizing drugs, would move the drug trade out of the hands of dangerous cartels and into the legal private sector. (this wouldn't destroy the cartels, as they have other sources of revenue, but it would do allot more than just legalizing marijuana, ) the quality of drugs would improve, there exists a drug, about twice as strong as cocaine, with half the danger, this drug is a research chemical,that is only made in a lab, and is pretty difficult to get. If drugs became legal tomorrow, market forces would force drug companies (of the currently illegal narcotics kind , not the pharmaceutical kind ) to create safer versions of their drugs. (think about the popularity of moonshine after alcohol prohibition.) there are other factors but I'll leave it at this for now and respond to your responses.
We talk about the most appropriate height of the bar should be how much?1Annabelle2012-03-27 21:43:02
Should I use the green light from the TV wall , then select a bar of bright red or black to coordinate? In general, there is a high degree of how much? Experienced users please help, thanks !
Loose talk?0venkateshwar reddy2012-08-08 04:32:02
First thing this morning I heard a high-profile American politician to utter words, if not exactly matching , I think that's close enough, and with the same meaning as follows . - "as long as countries are stupid enough to trade paper is good for us" I think it's fair to assume he meant "petrodollars " . With U.S. debt rising and looming recession , where we say that this leaves due to them , and others who are to hold a lot of these " pieces of paper " that others might call " currency reserve " for future purchases?

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