Sony Ericsson W550C and W800C, what is the difference

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Asked at 2012-05-21 01:07:41
I have no money to buy a point of use , details
Answer1MoselleAnswered at 2012-05-21 02:23:10
After speaking of his own use, and to respect the points
Answer2 ℡ ﹎, Er Answered at 2012-05-21 02:32:17
Memory: Memory W550c W800i memory of 256 MB, 32 MB is not extended , memory card of 512 megabytes, can extend 2G. Headphones: The headphones W550c compare the times , not the basic character of the W800i Walkman ® handset reflect the excellent game WALKMAN ® is a tool, tune MEGABASS tie, when the sound through the headphones into the subwoofer effect . Fit: W550c W800i , although the difference is not particularly large. Camera: W550C130 million pixels million pixels W800C200 Accessories: Accessories W800i W550c tone much cheaper relative accessories : support the same flight mode : W550c W800i Camera is not compatible with the songs of this feature is also mixed with other between K750C the performance between the two .
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