What are cultured pearls how are they made?

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What are cultured pearls how are they made ?
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Cultured pearls are cultured pearls in pearl producing molluscs with the help of human intervention . Cultured pearls are real pearls, because they do not differ from their counterparts in natural pearls. In fact , cultured pearls represent almost 100 % of the beads used in fine jewelry today. There are two main varieties of saltwater cultured pearls : Cultured pearls and freshwater pearls . Saltwater cultured pearls Saltwater pearls are cultured pearls grown in saline , and include Akoya , Tahitian , South Sea pearls from the Cook Islands and the Sea of ​​Cortez pearls. These pearls are produced by the introduction of a rounded grain of the shell of freshwater mussel , along with a small piece of donor tissue in the gonad mantle of a mollusk host. The tissue layer forms a sac around the core , shell deposits , forming a pearl. The cultured freshwater pearls Cultured pearls are freshwater cultured pearls in a non - saline freshwater mussels . Are produced by creating small incisions in the body of a host mussel mantle . The mantle is connected to any of the mussel valves , and both parts can be grafted to 16 times, producing a maximum of 32 beads .
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