Vehicle can lamp brightness booster enhanced the work?

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Vehicle can boost brightness of the lamp enhanced the work ?
Answer1Michelle KAnswered at 2012-01-04 18:27:58
Browse booster car headlights of 41: : admin Time : 2006 -4 to 2.419 : 41:25 a, CLE300 type " treasure lights " is a reinforcement of car headlights used to increase the car before according to the brightness of the power plant , the basic principle is: 1, through high-powered speakers of vehicle performance components unstable power generation components (10V -15V ) filtering , isolation , boost , stabilized, separately for the headlights of the car the best constant voltage ( 14.1V ) 2, through the microprocessor integrated U.S. automobile headlights for monitoring and management, cold start , short circuit , overvoltage , overheating, etc. protection cases , while some of the original car did not have the advanced features. CLE300 booster car headlights is a glow of headlights is enough to solve the perfect solution, it is said, this program is based on high performance , low price, ease of use in terms of three characteristics, while also brought CLE300 an unprecedented kind of product ideas and working methods . Let's start with some common problems, to develop an understanding and awareness of credit to this new tool. Second, the performance characteristics of the double diamond crystal light , the effect of HID. Two , a single module, the four-way control twin headlights of the car . 3, the light switch away freely. 4, positive and negative control universal models dimmer. 5 , do not change light bulbs or anywhere. 6, do not change the original car lines to protect the life of the original car lines extended. 7, outlet ceramic lamp , easy to install .
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