Some companies on the new problems created

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Because of my work , from time to time some customer funds , I would like to make an enterprise-class cultural, to dry all businesses without employees , especially need your account number , invoice. After opening the business, but worry about missing or not. If more than one year has nothing , I have to ask the following questions : 1, the inspection will be canceled? 2, no business income , the month of corporations, state tax ? 3, the addition of this company has always been free, are fixed costs ? 4, limited liability company registered shareholders of the two , my wife and I can, trade relations between the shareholders of any provision allowed the partners? Thank you ! ! !
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First, if the company since its inception without any rotation, but the tax to zero each month, the establishment of one year after the annual inspection should be, but the Office of Trade and Industry will wonder why not opened until after a write -off or business you need a letter of intent, and second, to free enterprise , fixed costs are just the IRS established a new company to get your tax on the construction of the city and accounts, stamp duty on investment ( which is collected by five thousandths of social capital ) , thirdly , for the moment limited liability company registration , business registration allowed the couple as a limited, provided that the shareholders are natural persons may be , if there are any questions , please contact me! TEL : 0512-50528887 (I hope my answer can be given help)
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