how can I find the right clients to purchase my products on Alibaba? related questions

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how can I find the right clients to purchase my products on Alibaba?8Ingema2012-05-14 19:09:14
I am a new export trader.I need to search our products.Can several methods you give me ? Thank you !
How do you find your solar products supplier when you wanna purchase solar products?5서수 2016-02-26 19:02:39
What is your method? Do you have some good keywords to find the product you want ? Any platform can present to me? Thanks for your time and patience to leave a message.
How can I distinguish potential clients from so many inquiries on alibaba.2Jaylon2012-10-14 02:36:03
How can I distinguish potential clients from so many inquiries on alibaba. In another words,how can I know which inquiry is valued. expect your precious answers! many thanks! michelle6liu WEIHAI CHENGXUN-LEADINGSTONE
How can I find more information of the clients and contact with more affirmation clients2Kelsi2012-01-20 23:43:26
Who can give me a good idea to find more response statement. And get more customers.
Why clients not choose our products ?we have CE ,SGS, ISO .4panther, puma2012-02-03 18:26:43
Friends , I am from a factory in Yiwu , we have to pass CE, SGS , ISO, and every day I sent many new products in Alibaba, but many customers ask for price list, just a place for a few, why not choose our products ?
How do gifts to find clients? Share,How do gifts to find clients? Shareow businesses have suffered1booker2012-09-05 20:54:03
but that method is better than more difficult
what is the useful ways about find clients? Where are you ?My clients1Dyla2012-05-23 06:06:48
except to find the most B2B website to register and then upload the products, find the most important words to use Google Seach friends etc, which are useful ways to find your customers? Customers, where are u ? ----------------------- Ms.Iven tile making mineral fiber ceiling , gypsum ceiling Grid.Pvc . If the interest in them, find me ! Any comments would be appreciated !
In Alibaba, Alipay not purchase it?1pulkit2012-07-11 02:08:47
In the game cards ~ I want to let me go to the bank, said the money the game ~ said liquidity Alipay too slow! Is that true ?
Would like to purchase in Alibaba, How to Tell site?1Moselle2012-04-23 06:39:42
I was the first time in online shopping, you have experienced the highest point of the people to develop, thanks !
how do we sell our products on alibaba,thanks for you answers.1Clevelan2012-05-20 22:04:18
our company specializes in embroidered fabric with 11 years experience. our own designers and factory out new designs every week . All designs are created by our own designer. how to sell our products on alibaba ?
Could I have affiliate link of Alibaba's products, like in amazon ?0mustang2012-06-28 05:39:02
If I make a blog and speak about Alibaba's products, I need an affiliate link to be paid when the traffic goes to the Alibaba's web site. Do you provide for this affiliate links ? I discovered that in Amazon affiliate system, do you know what I am speaking about ? Educator.
We received inferior products from a company that was listed by 한정사 2012-04-29 20:04:12
We had a dog bed made ​​by Yuet Hung Plastic Manufacturer Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong , Tel: 852 - 2434 a 7.372 , and our contact name was " Evelyn" . We sent a sample of the production version that passed , however , when we just received the goods after many months of delay, were of inferior quality such that not even be able to sell at our expense. We are a nonprofit corporation , fund of funds to help needy children around the world, and they just steal our money for these inferior products , $ 3,910.00 , which we will not recover. What alternative measures have through your organization. Richard C. Geiss , President Because we care ministries 143 Mill Road, Schwenksville , PA 19473 USA 610-287-6073 email: woofimissions

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