How is gold made into rings?

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How did gold rings?
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Gold jewelry has become , especially rings, for thousands of years. Although the technology has changed, many processes remain the same for transforming gold rings. design A ring design is sketched in a piece of paper. After that , the design is recorded in a solid wax . Lost Wax Casting The wax becomes a casting. This is done by surrounding the mold of a type of wax ceramic shell . The mold is heated until all the wax melted , leaving a hollow shell which is poured gold. pour The gold is heated until molten . This requires a temperature of 1064.43 ° C ( 1947.9741 ° F). The molten gold is then poured into the casting and allowed to cool . cooling The melt is cooled and is broken by immersion in water. Breaking the casting, the gold piece is revealed. Water helps to remove residual casting of the piece. finish Finished gold ring requires the presentation of the gold that came into the cavity of the wax and polish the piece.
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