I install the problem of Linux with VMware Workstation fictitious machine in WindowsXP related questions

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I install the problem of Linux with VMware Workstation fictitious machine in WindowsXP1Gilber2012-05-13 02:18:26
Sorry that help each ace in the process to install Linux with VMware Workstation on Windows XP machine fictitious , reached the imaging division , the point is played next to that little hint, hint says: "occurrence error - not found the effective establishment in the middle wants to establish a new document, the hardware checks please, to find the cause of the problem. " . Where does the problem seems to forgiveness? The method is installed on the plate is a file
If why install Proengineer2001 below Windowsxp.0mati2012-06-28 19:38:02
If why install Proengineer2001 below Windowsxp, set requires below Windows2000 fictitious net gets stuck, should want set below Windowsxp excuse me does fictitious net get stuck? Ask everybody to help. Be urgent! Still the measure that asks everybody to tell me installation and need notice what place! Big this has thanked everybody first. Thank
Fictitious it is what meaning, moving game when, must fictitious "NBALIVE06_2.MDS" is CD driver, how should be I done1Abril2012-07-05 15:45:02
Why to install XP system afresh, machine Laoguan machine?1Cliffor2012-04-16 19:35:43
I can reinstall XP, can be carried out in part at a time, computer shuts down the machine , who knows, help me ah ~
The client's machine child appeared such problem (table machine) .1Rox2012-09-14 18:05:03
Turn your mobile phone to enter self-test , show a system to enter F1, enter the BIOS , Delete, enter the BIOS automatically a while too, what's the problem be? Why did you go to this type of case ?
My machine can not be connected to the ADSL Internet access can receive the data packet is pitiful, you help a hand, where the problem. Also, as heavy equipment machine1chaffinch2012-03-22 17:14:25
Thanks ah
Install gas lights motorcycle traffic police will fine you found? Violation problem1zgord2012-08-13 16:27:03
Install gas lights motorcycle traffic police will fine you found? Violation problem
Windowsxp find beautiful theme pack1Silence replace all2012-05-01 22:52:55
To take the kind of mouse and wallpaper. Additional bonus points in time.
What is fictitious life business1Nicole2012-04-24 01:17:29
What business of life using dummy
Would like to ask the washing machine problem, thank you!1' No library stack Nian . remember -2011-12-27 23:23:37
Hi all ! I think a Bosch washing machine with drying function. We would like to ask how the quality of the Bosch washing machine ? According to the drying power cost function ? It also has a new function with a quick wash 15 minutes? ? I do not know whether to clean? Thanks before !
I had a Mac and now I have a Linux. Did I make a mistake?1Gemma2012-10-23 21:13:02
First, I am a 70 y / o Female with computer know very little . My Mac hard drive crashed after three years . I took it to my computer guy and could have arranged for $ 400. Instead I negotiated my Mac to a new Linux system ( very small Acer " tower " without a CD drive ) . I'm so lost . Accepts no exe program . , My email is different and will not transfer , and I can not play Chuzzle etc. Am I wrong ? Should have sold a kidney and part of my Mac or should have gone back to my past ( before Mac ) PC with Windows XP ? ? ? ? ? Please help - Thanks
WindowsXP switchs on the mobile phone cannot enter system and CMOS1$unkist 2012-03-14 19:45:56
My Windows XP switchs on the mobile phone can not enter the system and CMOS, F11 and F12 screen displays , click Next also has no reaction! How to comply with that? Waiting in line.

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