A lot of problems hidden project risks infinite field decoration construction

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A lot of hidden problems of the project runs the risk of building decoration infinite field
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It hides a lot of engineering problems Question 1: bare wire tubes Xiao Wang married, worked for many years to find a partner for home improvement, said the foreman. Also not to mention, a very high efficiency of the villagers that the expected duration of a few days ahead of schedule, all decorated with ease Wang gave the villagers. Who would have thought moving to their new homes soon, Wang discovered that the room when the telephone line through reasonably suspected to be line problem, then he called the fellow, the subject claimed back later, with the excuse that the tool is not in hand, come again another day. As Wang to call to find out that villagers no longer had. Wang had invited professionals to examine, professionals told, bedroom electric and telephone lines in the construction workers did not set well with pipe insulation, but bury the cable directly to the wall, is likely to cause danger. Reminder: This is very dangerous, it is possible that for some reason, such as wire and cable damage caused by aging and lead to short-circuit at the same time, once the cables can not change the case of lines strokes, only hitting the wall breaking ground. The correct operation of this method is the electrical wiring must place the insulation of the outer housing but not naked exposed connector circuit, the line must be installed inside the box. Question 2: after the maintenance warranty "repair" to prolong life. Because Beijing throughout the year, either from or to the outside temperature and humidity, there is a big change. Some affected by air humidity, especially larger projects, home improvement, such as wood products and wall insulation, there may be cracks in the dry season. Therefore, regular home improvement company indicated in the contract warranty period of two years. During this period, these projects of home improvement will gradually put the location of the crack cracks completed. The warranty is the role that this time will repair the cracks, until no new cracks. Rework to extend the total life of the project to other projects to make reminder of "maintenance".: Home Improvement guerrilla approach, most are "fired a" money "to make a profit, something happens and run "nature of the decision: Once renovated house problems, and just in contact. Consumers inevitably spend money, find another company of decoration to be addressed. By contrast, regular home improvement company generally has a complete specification of system support services. First, a comprehensive and systematic files of customer service, easy to find, to mention stressed to provide the most efficient and satisfactory, followed by the warranty, signed a security agreement. Question 3: hidden problems of engineering and more subtle work, mainly by the strong electrical engineering, construction weak, door and window sets the foundation and drainage works in four parts. Remember to consumers, in signing the contract, the following must appear clearly. Strong electrical engineering: Note that the best use of ordinary conductor manufacturers of the case, all lines should be smooth vertical and horizontal cable connector into the housing is strictly prohibited. Connector terminal box must be packed firmly, light insulation, general stores, air conditioning and therefore should be used with cables of different specifications, if special high-power devices must follow the wire special. All cables must be separated, for the phase of the red line, the zero line is blue, the soil is black, not go to any of the main ground wire, and is not exposed directly, use the box. Project weak weak lines divided into cable television, broadband lines, telephone lines and audio lines. In addition to the cables must comply with relevant regulations of private cables, wiring, weak and strong points of the electrical cables were forbidden slot condominium, all pipe and wire without any joint, such as the joint is really required to be a dedicated terminal box or other accessories of the distributor, to be soft vertical and horizontal wiring. Door window covering: the building must meet the design requirements, material compliance with relevant standards. Basic sets of windows and doors will open Daixinban to do with the end of nine PCT board and then make the average basis, the surface with a decorative panel, made after the door, touch the bare window without relief, without the hammer a little empty feeling sharp nail holes evenly, clean straight lines closed, open tail evenly. Wood products with other materials, Department of the easiest to break joints. As winter indoor contraction limit dry wood, as the climate became warm after the rise in temperature and humidity, the expansion of different materials with different tendency to cracking. Repair this crack, the general needs of the gray goo "putty" patch cracks, oil re-decorated. This problem is also likely to appear on the ceiling, angle, etc. of the yin and yang. Water supply and drainage water pipes materials and fittings must meet the design requirements and state standards, the supply of hot and cold water should be colored, usually red and hot water pipes, water pipes white or blue for smooth vertical and horizontal, tube and pipe connections must be special accessories and special equipment used to build tools. The piping is completed, there must be special pump test pressure test at 48 hours with no leakage, normal pressure to 0.6 MPa pressure test, squatting pan of water should be used within a diameter of 20mm diameter , 25 mm outside of the small tubes (six in charge. the PVC sewer pipes) may not be less than the transformation of 50 mm (diameter). By virtue of the transformation should be sent directly to the water main in the water pipes, toilets and kitchen can not be mixed in water, water must be subjected to the transformation of Singapore, to prevent accumulation of water.
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