The elderly who dedicated phone

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The use of mobile phones for the elderly, the price is not too high
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Care Action Network and the joint commissioning Capitel Capitel S718 family of relatively large body design mobile phone, keys are also larger, especially considering the problem of old age presbyopia, although the most primitive, but the screen, the largest source, easier to elderly. Prominent use of the keys to provide the elderly, so more of the highlights of this design is actually a human side. Can be configured to issue the emergency button and volume keys, answer key and end keys designed specifically for large, easier for the elderly. The phone also has the following functions: flashlight, alarm, FM radio SOS, assistant living, a key to help protect themselves. They include the needs of the elderly. Care Action Network and Huawei Huawei C7199 mobile phone jointly developed color is carefully considered, as a family phone, C7199 supports a full range of care services. Health is the main selling point of the family of mobile phones. Green C7199 CDMA networks, greatly reduce the radiation, which reflects the health, environmental protection is a real phone. Good use is the mobile phone C7199 stand out in many major features, the number of practical, easy to use greatly facilitate the use of middle-aged friends. C7199 big screen, big buttons, large fonts, high-volume, long wait, these four are the main advantages of a time in phonetics, C7199 only TTS voice calls broadcasting and SMS contact support the content of broadcast messages, airtime, etc, mobile phone features are designed to meet the special attention common in older people. On the one hand, has a lot of buttons and a large screen, large buttons can not be guaranteed that the hands and feet and eyes is also a lack of flexibility in the elderly can be very precise operation. Furthermore, although the screen is very large, but can also display the number of letters and numbers are limited, the use of this screen, the elderly can make calls while in an incoming call, the elderly do not not see the Caller ID in the rush. In addition, we can see that is designed to take account of psychological factors in the elderly, and for the best universal design services for the elderly.
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