Is sincere letter short of company sale what is the form of 4 kinds of expression that break?

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Is sincere letter short sale of the company what is the form of 4 types of expression that break ?
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Before the medium and small businesses that the company is undergoing a crisis sincere letter to happen at home more with respect to management, and the country are getting bigger now the company also joins this procession the enterprise that cross a state in the center, roughness "incident goes to the" birthwort the incident room fat "from" McDonald earthen canal, the colleague, the "master of health is convenient condiment face" incident , the sincere letter that the report given to those that once existed was being to manage link to go up as much by the company which provides for "means of grace" is the abbreviation of the rupture. Then the new economy environment, the company faces competition complex problems, shortage as a result of what they bring to the letter sincere in a variety of management issues that link seems broken, is to incorporate a few types of forms following : 1, n / med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is a false concept, consumers charm is in the industry of some high-tech, as a result of competition to turn red hot to the lack of common sense enough technical consumers, the production concept makes important instrument of competition. For the character of the company, a new idea about what precedes it represents a technology and product seems distinctive, but among them more false very often the concept with error, for example before what some "of the freezer province dustproof DVD "of" of "the year of occurrence called" air conditioning healthy "TV numbers", "gambling is a couple of concepts on the one hand, some basic ideas are very willing immature to be released being, moreover, on one side of the technology lacks the identification of the corresponding Technical Division, can not bring the actual consumer benefit. 2, change the concept in secret, producing the false appearance is in the commercial domain, competitive aggravate brings a businessman to enter the strange ring "battle of the" sales promotion, the market says, "does sales promotion to wait dead, causing "the death of the sales promotion of the court. But the businessman today is more clever and cunning, in the trap that sales promotion with a lot of temptation is a tremendous one after another, but later, consumers in accordance with the employer in advance regulation with hard good stores in the discovery of the privileges are in affirmatory the businessman to go somehow, eventually however, is a kind of paronomasia, though alone. The so-called "buy the 100 sales promotion concepts that send 100" and so on up are usually stolen in return, consumers do not buy the products you need not only, also can not get an effective discount. 3, Jerry, the competition that cheats on a trade convention consumers to move up the absence of technology, the company to reduce costs, often use covert means of the raw material, be aware of small business, small mill is imitated and make a vacation, a few large companies are good though, Jerry, thereby reducing costs. It seems that intake of foods, drinks maybe the problem is still owned by fluke, problem once the quality of the exhibition, the company will face the choice of life and death, some years before "the Incident 3 of each plant was "the incident" garden of green crown ", the alarm bell rings loudest of the company: The life you lead the customer is a joke, the company will pay the price bloody. 4, false promises, unfair advertising is the bridge between the company and the consumer, but because there is content advertising and made in accordance with the consumer that the problem as hype complaint behavior causes a growing phenomenon without however, growing in number. Health care has a flavor of the false promises of advertising, unfair conduct propaganda and advertising of goods, advertising of the service line of business consumers fairly exaggerates its decline politely feels that it is deceived, the content must disclose in advertising time and in fact when there are large error, the consumer can produce nonreliance the company, the company will credit losses.
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