White-collar business the most taboo thing to do?

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White-collar business as taboo to do ?
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As we all know, investment is the basis for business creation and development impact of the oil in the market economy, many people are unprepared ground water, sea trial, the results of a reaction because of bad investments, or even survive. Therefore, for small and medium businesses from scratch, how to correct and prevent investment mistakes to test the water as the key to success, become a required course for success. In this paper, small business investors, from investment ideas, methods, techniques and other aspects, it is easy to take the lead venture investor in Madison's warning that 35 subjects because of their failures as well as route out of the woods, to the specific examples of the wisdom of investment capital, so that when venture capitalists in the gear can be obtained from the true orientation of the knowledge and skills. 1 in a single investment project in recent years as the living standards of people, features dishes gradually became popular. An investor to see this scene, decided to put aside the issue has been in other investment projects, the characteristics of culture wholeheartedly eh. The claim to believe that the risks and opportunities for investors, against all odds and give all, for all funds are placed on reproductive characteristics of the selected projects, and believe in their own best efforts of this project will be able to access to huge profits. But last spring a sudden outbreak of SARS, but broken dreams. Although a single investment since the concentration of resources and funding, in choosing the right circumstances, they often bring good business, but a unique investment risk is obvious, as long as the risk of amplification occurs turn, may lead investors for many years accumulated wealth destroyed. Figuratively speaking, the investment is too simple, like putting all your eggs in one basket, and once shot down a basket, all the eggs broke. Consisting of a combination of multiple investment projects, can significantly reduce individual investment caused by the investment risk. The lack of experience as a venture capitalist, making investment decisions, we must expand investment ideas as much as possible to develop ways of thinking about investment diversification, diversification of investment projects to maintain and pay attention to the balance between projects and funding. 2, the magnitude of the investment is too large, the debt ratio is too high to prepare for their investment in Ping cooking project with confidence, and he thought that this project will give a lot of money income, plus of the relationships, it became easy to bank large sums of money, more Xinxinbaopeng. He looked timid colleagues apparently minor, no matter how settled they thought you would like to go all out to dry a regular type of mentality that has forgotten their own businesses against risks. I wanted to expand the scale of investment will extend more and more stalls, even chanted big is good, even in the two production lines. Liabilities of businesses and the blind expansion of investment snowball, Ping does not matter, I have no fear. In his opinion, as a company that operates in conjunction, and what you can pay the debts. But when his business going, people have made money enough, starts to go lower prices. Wang Ping, but can not sell products made suddenly plunged into a crisis of being. Principle, such as shopping very large square, venture capitalists are almost common, not knowing everything about the latent crisis that could explode accidentally. Meanwhile, the rapid economic growth, people's trust easily cost overruns, overly optimistic estimates about the future challenge of risk, thus forming an investment bubble, if there is a problem, the bubble burst in an instant, the investor could be caught in a critical situation and difficulties. Investors should balance risk and return from the perspective of investment-oriented business, selection of suitable investment projects, and control the scale of investment in the appropriate range. In the particular investment fund if the lots in phases to avoid a one-time investment, allow spare, just in case the environment changes, the risk occurs, the money can not be in the Ji hands, so you lose. 3, on the other, not personally conduct a market study in Beijing for a white-glove service, due to the withdrawal of foreign capital enterprises in China to prepare unemployed, wanted to find a suitable project for your boss investment. Heard the news, a friend came to him the bright energy future project attorney, and said that if he believes, as long as they have invested $ 20 million, all other things that all you do. At that time, the two of us in the Fifth. Another friend of a market for their own list of survey data, analysis of market prospects, the conclusion is, draft a bright future ahead. White collar workers confused by friends, not only a promised investment of 20 million, but will also give money to his friend before, and no person or others responsible to re-market prospects of this project and competition to do any research friends. After the results of his friends have the money, how long the project will not close, white-collar workers, 20 million investment, of course, followed by a waste. Generally, the employer, especially a close friend of the view of others are easy to over-confidence that friends of the market if it means the truth, not market its own investigation, leading to insufficient investment . The investment decisions are not easy to believe that the opinions and suggestions from anyone, even if this person is famous experts, his brother, his father and mother. Chairman Mao said: To know the taste of a pear, personally, I'll try. This is the eternal, enduring truth, investors should consider. 4, Wenzhou, eager to return home with the private sector for small business owners to see some kind of plastic products due to the production people to make money mad, I could not help but also with anxiety and quickly raising funds, investment decisions have to be launched this project as soon as possible. Just then, a technician advised his men, said the chief, only delay the onset of 4 months, we can install a good type of debugging the most advanced equipment to produce this product, the product that the existing equipment, much better products, I think much more is sold. Unexpectedly, the boss is very happy to say that listening: 4-month delayed start? Do you know of 4-month delay means that you start? That means we will lose hundreds of millions of white non-profit. And the order to commence immediately. However, the technical staff could not be expected, the factory began a few months, because supporting obsolete technology, products with low technological content, in some slow-moving products coming out. The head had started to re-invest heavily in plant transformation did not take long. Entrepreneur began his investment, vulnerability short drive to the detriment of long-term interests, to succeed fast and short-term behavior, at this time although it may allow companies to profit, but the loss of development long term potential. The investment is a systematic project-profit entrepreneurs to overcome the idea, but can not get their eggs, dry Ze and fishing. 5, the reluctance to seek investment partners a famous household disinfectant manufacturing companies before SARS last spring, compared to market demand and the problem of insufficient capacity. In this situation, it was suggested that recruitment for the funding gap in joint ventures and reduce investment risks. However, employers are concerned that the partners can not control, but there are those who are looking for partners to discuss cooperation in the effort, slowly roll your own development, so shelved the proposal. To emerge sudden outbreak of SARS and the rapid amplification of disinfectant market, and finally the boss eats terribly conservative, not only win the money that should have won, and several other similar companies is an opportunity for more SARS stroke and become second-class industry companies. Investors in investment activities, talk of independence, but also talk about cooperation. Appropriate cooperation (including joint ventures) can compensate for deficiencies in both sides, so that small businesses get a foothold in the market quickly. If the employer, regardless of the actual situation, obsessed with going it alone, it is very likely to delay the development of enterprises. After all, nobody has the profit share of the profits than good. Spring and Autumn Period Warring Seven remains approximately vertical and horizontal, investors still have to have some vision.
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