Nokia 6270 problem, urgent! ! !

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Asked at 2012-05-11 23:40:18
The phone is broken, this week to buy a fancy Nokia 6270, please valuable advice to the program item , a lot of people say that high rates of failure, said Nokia's slider is not good , I hope give me some advice. I like the way Samsung does not like chocolate bar, not like the ultra -thin , 2,500 yuan, of course, the cheaper the better durability , hehe. Oh, wait for everyone so far.
Answer1OliverAnswered at 2012-05-11 23:41:59
I am currently using 6270 in a personal feeling. The screen is very delicate. Although 26 million color screen, but compared with many mobile phones , personal opinion , fine. 2 . Waiting time is very long. I have about 10 minutes of calls a day , a few text messages, listen to some more MP3, night off , at least 3 to 4 days , which is 2 inch multi - screen mobile phone, so hard, I used E680i use every day of the load. 3 . It sounds sweet. After the design of the Nokia Stereo speakers , surround feeling very strong, but the headphones, the effect is very general. 4 . Because there is only S40 mobile phone system is only compatible with mp3 mp4, however, does not support real format, you can not install S60 software , just install the Java software and game 5. You can install the special theme , yet the very rich . 6 . Many users are loosening reaction slide , you can be sure that all machines are so new , no problem ~ I hope for your help
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