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On the interior design of rural housing1 ゞ ﹏ ? locked -2012-05-10 23:15:46
Because the house , so the structure is very simple 0.28-30 level. 4 meters wide , 8 feet long rectangle. To the east of the eastern part of the window fills the entire wall, is green patterned fabrics, doors in the north, the east window from a distance of one meter. at the end of marriage , when available , you are ready to repair. but do not know how it ended. In fact , the submarine and the upper floor just to make things right for the first two years, so do not start . are white . wall is white, but due to the location of heating was replaced, making it difficult to see mark. Now I want to ride ended just asking for a sleeping area and a living room of the structure. the wall of the need to re- paint, a wall of TV where you want to compare different . how to get a picture or something, but the house is relatively high , there are 3.5 to 4 meters look. Haonong not know any better . My question is this : 1. Due to the large windows, so the lighting is not a problem, then what wall color is appropriate? 2 . television in the early positioning of the south wall , but the walls are 3.5 to 4 * 7-8 meters as large m , all finished painting if they fit ? 3 . going to buy the furniture is simple , sofa , coffee table , dresser, computer desk , bedroom furniture , double bed , bedside tables, TV and TV , how the design of the room look bigger? 4 . If the sleeping area of the room to get into the cord between the top and played the role of the separated, do not know if it is reasonable ? Answer thank you very much , I will add points!
Rural housing design1Monro2012-10-06 06:04:01
Who can help me design a length of 11 meters wide and 7.5 meters of housing in the drawings ah ? A total of 120 square meters, built two years. ( The center is the main room. On both sides of the two rooms. The back door is the staircase . ) That my dear friend help me design a small town look . Congratulations ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I'm thinking. ( This village shrine gate ), built on the north side of the kitchen in front of the room , one floor bathroom located on the north wall across the back of the room came with a second layer as well. The second floor of South Hall , in front of the room to make another one. (No better) north of the third floor of building stairs room south of the building behind the pavilion .
Interior design and landscape design books problem! Come professionals1Denise2012-04-15 21:16:22
Who knows what the book is not about interior design and landscape design books , the content is a complete program of the kind of case ! Is the floor plan , elevations , renderings, complete ! Best hand painted, and some say a few words of the name of the book! Site is also good! A high rating due to demand , well, ah points ! You must complete the program, very grateful!
Northern rural housing, how do? A reward1panther, puma2012-04-17 19:07:29
Northeast of the house very weak at home, go to the parents build a house. I totally am a common man , there are things to ask. Requirements: five yuan within budget control , building open house, and taking three bedrooms (one room has kang ) , have a stove for cooking, but also to tap water supply ( groundwater pumping ) , ensuite room, and out of the construction of septic tanks . ¿ I can ask how to solve the program budget of five thousand dollars to build the lodge it? About the hall , water tower , septic tanks, etc., that the more detailed the better, bonus points. Detailed design drawings and budget can pay a fee.
Rural cottage design requirements,1Lenno2012-02-01 02:50:29
Length of 21.5 m, maximum width of no more than 7.5 meters, more bedrooms , bathroom, kitchen and some have a layer of home design , I want pictures. Have detailed data .
I for interior design?1Ive2012-02-10 19:13:45
I just want to make two minor problems 1 . How long can draw with skill elevations. 2 in the extreme degree of maturity? 3 I for the industry! Thank you very much enthusiastic to answer
How color interior design with ah?0Harley2012-06-30 17:38:03
How the color of the interior design with ah ?
Interior design renderings for help1Byro2012-10-02 12:49:02
To carry out the development of the design process , CAD , 3D . The final versions .
cad interior design renderings where studying?1salamander, triton, newt2012-02-25 21:27:22
Shanghai where the teachers teach well ? Students have trouble learning the recommendation of, ah , I have only 20 points, and the total pressure on it. Thanks ah.
Classic case where there is interior design?1Mauric2012-02-15 22:46:24
Classic case where interior design? This blog ( http://blog.sina.com.cn/huhailanggood ) in the best case, I do not know where!
Interior design and decoration construction.1Amanda2012-01-11 06:33:13
Process of building decoration, the building process. Pay attention to the problems in construction.
Dragon tiger left the right of rural housing is like? Higher than the left and right side, how crack it?1Brent2012-02-10 17:46:28
Dragon Tiger left the right of rural housing is like? Higher than the left and right , how to crack ?

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