On the interior design of rural housing

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Because the house , so the structure is very simple 0.28-30 level. 4 meters wide , 8 feet long rectangle. To the east of the eastern part of the window fills the entire wall, is green patterned fabrics, doors in the north, the east window from a distance of one meter. at the end of marriage , when available , you are ready to repair. but do not know how it ended. In fact , the submarine and the upper floor just to make things right for the first two years, so do not start . are white . wall is white, but due to the location of heating was replaced, making it difficult to see mark. Now I want to ride ended just asking for a sleeping area and a living room of the structure. the wall of the need to re- paint, a wall of TV where you want to compare different . how to get a picture or something, but the house is relatively high , there are 3.5 to 4 meters look. Haonong not know any better . My question is this : 1. Due to the large windows, so the lighting is not a problem, then what wall color is appropriate? 2 . television in the early positioning of the south wall , but the walls are 3.5 to 4 * 7-8 meters as large m , all finished painting if they fit ? 3 . going to buy the furniture is simple , sofa , coffee table , dresser, computer desk , bedroom furniture , double bed , bedside tables, TV and TV , how the design of the room look bigger? 4 . If the sleeping area of the room to get into the cord between the top and played the role of the separated, do not know if it is reasonable ? Answer thank you very much , I will add points!
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1 . Wall with lavender and hot pink colors may be because the average family can not be used due to lighting , lighting can be used if good 2 . Not a great painting, landscape painting can be used with high walls , so that visually the height reduction 3. distribution of furniture depends on its size to buy furniture , interior lighting and corresponds to the pendulum can not be said here, and have a plan 4. attention to accountability and good, but paying for the unit and interior decoration
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