Decoration decoration required characteristics for the summer season must know the different

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Features decorative decoration needed for summer season should be aware of different
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Safety first summer high summer temperatures renewal, dry weather, construction material accumulate more, from a security standpoint, materials placed in the shade as much as possible, to avoid internal and bad ventilation, the temperature is too high and cause a fire caused by fire. Summer, but also to minimize the material accumulated at the site, reducing the risk of accident. Ventilation to prevent pollution caused by the decoration of decoration flooring in the summer in order to avoid contamination, "the high incidence of" pain in addition to trying to use non-toxic and less toxic decorative materials, construction Home improvement company outside the formal, but also the decoration of the room well ventilated and air purification. When conditions permit, we should try to make more room ventilation, if there are no conditions can be used to reduce indoor and outdoor ventilation air cleaning devices of harmful gases. Anti-exposure to moisture in the summer to buy wood products, including ingredients Daixinban construction, white wooden bar accessories, moldings clear, the door lines, the lines of the frame and baseboards, etc., have to test the moisture content of wood products. According to state regulations, the standard plate can not exceed 12% humidity. Experts suggest that during the rainy season, when the purchase of materials, may be appropriate to select the drier, and when material from a small place a couple of days after admission, so it's the same with the surrounding humidity, so its use is more appropriate. In addition, the plates to avoid exposure to intense sunlight, rain if the moisture has to be taken to moisture during storage, anti-distortion measures. No plate, put the wooden sun room, sun exposure will make decorative paints and wood products, rubber accelerated aging. Wallpaper paint should be dried naturally, paint and wallpaper is commonly used decorative wall material. Spring, because the air is humid and dry, as soon as possible to allow the wall and open the door and window ventilation. The summer is different because the dry, so the wallpaper before the Stones are generally soaked in water, and then paste paving. At this time, such as large windows and doors open, so only a fund of good blowing Stones "drafts" the loss of fast wallpaper water is produced by the deformation of contraction. Removal of the Central Standing Committee met indoor humidity latex paint, since it reduced the rate over time will mold problems like hot flashes. In this sense, the approach to the decoration of the joint venture is the air conditioning and humidity remove moisture in the air, the cabinet door is not closed, to maintain ventilation. Renovations, you will find a variety of scents do not leave the problems affecting health of people scattered. Experts suggest not painting the rain, wood products, if contaminated or varnish brush, they all do not remember the rainy days when the brush. Please days of the construction team doing something else rain first live, or even a suspension for two days, they do the paint job on rainy days. Do not rush to solve the problem of humidity in the spring season, walls, floors, wooden furniture, the water contained more. Then the repair, the water continues to evaporate the wall is still possible to crack. Wall of water should wait until the weather is favorable to the outside world once again the case of repair, this effect will be better.
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