Different mix of Chinese and Western style five principles should be noted

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Mixture of Chinese and Western styles five principles should be considered
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Mix and match with the West has become a different kind of style when more attention to mix and match the style and feel. Store brands: the origin of the international flow of solid wood furniture, furniture, thousands of birds 1, according to their lifestyle for the conditions, whatever the style and habits should be quiet for the first element, as the European neo-classic fireplace is not an obvious combination and Chinese classical bed sleeping red, when the appreciation of art is beautiful, but the sleep habits of people who are in the minority, so no matter what kind of style, form, should be comfortable with themselves as the first consideration, or just good looking, practical, not only suffering high. 2, italics in original mix of Chinese and Western elements in a human form of God scattered, with double the beauty of classic and modern, and of course the unique cultural environment, Chinese calligraphy and painting, a painting by Matisse, or a kitchen off the books, you can add a touch of home environment for human scent. 3, in the sense of different materials and colors with a strong and constant table antique colors to catch the soft red sofa west, which would spark the fighting? Luxury Jacquard Pillow and pillow rustic flannel, has no elegant. 4, with the object of affection to travel around more or less going to bring back some trophies, perhaps ethnic minorities of Yunnan point, and perhaps the age-old cabinet of Shanghai, or the old French decorative plate as long as it is a story space has been linked style, are a mixture of emotional traits and preferred white individuals. 5, the first attempt to prevent frivolous and absolutely symmetrical to mix Western novice, the easy mistake is to want what elements in them, very easy to get an agreement of spatial disorder, of course, there are no limits mashup, but disorganized, if set, may have lost the beauty of the mixture; addition, the absolute symmetry of the arrangement to avoid the law, the level of color and position can be used to create a sense of hierarchy, or all of the space will become very boring, not animated. Links: small windows and ultra-practical transformation of the six
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