Winter decoration how to solve problems easily?

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Winter decoration how to solve problems easily?
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Decoration of winter, if the right material , processed without any problem , it will save a lot of problems in life. Prone to these problems in winter, home improvement help answer supervision. 1 renewal question in the winter because the contraction of a board itself, if installed very close to this time , the summer will be the expansion of the hot plate, if the joint is very small at the time of construction in the future because there is an extended position caused by the deformation. Supervision of home improvement : The wood is not used immediately. The construction of winter , wood is better not to use a method, because the raw materials are generally open storage, outside temperature in winter is very low , the material is easy to freeze water . Therefore, the approach, the best park for 3-5 days at room temperature, and other woods "slow " come before use . Question 2 stencil the paint must be at least 5 degrees Celsius, so that the temperature of his great influence, relatively dry climate in winter , increasing the concentration of paint, easily brushed evenly. Supervision of home improvement : to ensure that the construction of temperature. The cold of winter, the house has central heating Fortunately, if the home heating in the house, some of the costs of home improvements , in order to save time, heating is not open, but will affect the quality of construction . Room temperature is best maintained at 5 degrees centigrade to ensure the quality of paint and painting. 1 | 2 | 3 Next (total 3 pages)
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