White-collar personality right shoes footwear consumption concept innovation

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Shoes white collar personality right footwear consumption concept of innovation
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White-collar personality innovative footwear shoe consumption right shoe of the concept of domestic consumption also behind the idea , most consumers are accustomed to buying shoes that orthodox style , and foreign consumers and are in love with shoe stores occasional individual franchises . Targeting consumers between the ages of 22 to 50 years old, has a university or higher level white collar workers , not just pay attention to the tastes of consumers, but also the ability to consume. Update the store and the location is not in luxury decoration , personalization is the key. The location must be in the business area or center , high-grade office centers . With name and name of the new service philosophy, unique business that is hidden . The services will not be very high, but the guests have an opportunity to sail off , and then take the initiative to do some simple introduction. It is reflected in the details of human philosophy , for example , you can prepare a book, the World Entrepreneurship Laboratory ( elab.icxo.com ) have any suggestions or picking client in a set of boots that do not fit so it can in this point to leave his see , to store an additional opportunity to make money. Profitability analysis, business area : 10 square meters, rental shop : 3 million / year; Shopping Store : 2 million, staff salaries : 1,500 yuan / month (1) , the seed capital : 8 million of other expenses : 2,000 / month (mostly for the purchase and utility costs ), average turnover : 1,500 yuan / day.
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