What are the advertising objectives?

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What are the objectives of advertising?
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They represent three main issues ? Who is it that we are talking about. In short - that is the target market . What is the demographics and psychographics of this group. Normally it gender specific rank, age, household income , education , geographic location, are homeowners or rent, not own a car or not ? All specific profiles to allow advertising to be created to reach a specific group of consumers. What - do you currently think about the brand or company or service? They are the worst , the best, the undisputed leader ? They are slow / fast ? The machine is fashionable, retro , old-fashioned ? This allows us a view of the potential problems or obstacles to overcome. And the last - What do we think as a result of advertising? They have changed ? Has it improved? They have more people so that their corresponding response time will be faster ? This helps establish our advertising strategy , as it helps to achieve this target . Please note - the advertising is more effective when there is only one objective - such as increased testing of a product or a new trial - ie Corn Flakes - try again for the first time.
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