CDMA phone has a GSM version and edition of the points, What is the difference between them in the end it? related questions

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CDMA phone has a GSM version and edition of the points, What is the difference between them in the end it?1Sri Lanka2012-05-09 01:12:58
Thank you.
Will the Taiwan version and European version of the phone which is the difference?1deuce biggaloo0 2012-03-30 10:20:01
Europe after the Chinese version of the brush speed affected?
And my phone is NOKIA6681, version is V5.37.01 version, I would like to learn how to upgrade.1Frankli2012-04-04 03:05:44
Nokia6681 phone housing as dismantling replaced? The latest models of the version of operating software mobile phone? How to upgrade your computer to your phone ? What is software? Where I can download the software? Exactly , how? What are the risks? What special note to pay this place? thanks
Can a GSM phone be used on a CDMA network?0Enid2012-10-27 04:14:25
I switch phones with my cousin , but I need to know if your phone will work in my network before the trade. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So , my cousin has an iPhone 4S unlocked for GSM . Is there any way possible in this world to do something for me to be able to use it on Verizon ?
Ruyitong 133 is to use the cdma phone?0MDH2012-07-14 20:45:01
Ruyitong 133 is using the CDMA phone ?
Beijing 2000 Olympic Games in the application to the number of points when the difference between failure, is how many points score1Harold2012-05-01 02:19:47
When the attempt failed , where the number of points won the bid to
New power tariff UP what? CDMA mobile phone is used for?1Debby2012-03-18 12:42:59
New electricity tariff UP what? CDMA mobile phone is used for ?
How do I find cdma andriod mobile cell phone?1Brooke 2012-02-08 02:36:53
How I can find andriod CDMA mobile phone ?
The mobile phone that I use is CDMA, is the endowment cost of CDMA1X network on how?1dromedary2012-04-11 07:29:37
The wireless phone use is CDMA, is the cost of the provision of CDMA 1X network in the how?
Hong Kong and the European edition goods licensed What is the difference?1Oliver2012-06-28 14:49:02
Will the next version if the goods in Hong Kong and the European mainstream brush is a simplified Chinese version of it to cell phones , the quality of Which is better ? What is the difference? No way to network! Wait for answers from the experts!
Excuse me the mobile phone of 3G, is Shuang Pin to point to can you support G net to you can support CDMA again already?1⺌. 尛 silly gung -2012-04-17 18:02:47
The 3G mobile phone that I see, says GSM and WCDMA support , may be the card that is G net and gross C uses ? Thanks to each teacher to help instruct ! ^ _ ^
Kunming, the phone does paint points more? About a few? You know there are a few? If you spend 40 yuan to renovate your phone, you will like it?1Abraha2012-01-05 19:24:49
Kunming , the overall number of income much? Plus taxes and a variety of expenses a year how much? I like shopping in Kunming , advice please! Thank you - you - Xiongtai

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