CDMA phone has a GSM version and edition of the points, What is the difference between them in the end it?

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Knowing network music (KnowHappy.Com) is the first of "vague" and created the website for the latest high-end professionals, business information, financial, market data, interactive global platform to help professionals high-end decision-making and efficient business decisions. Short for code division multiple access CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), which is a branch of digital technology - developed the technology spread spectrum communication as a new wireless technology and sophisticated communications. CDMA technology is based on the principle of spread spectrum technology, it will send the data information has a bandwidth of the signal, the bandwidth is much greater than the bandwidth of the signal with a code modulation high speed pseudo-random, the bandwidth of the original data signal is expanded, and then modulating the carrier and sent. Receiver use the same pseudo-random code and receiving bandwidth to the associated signal processing the wideband signal in the original data of the information is despread narrowband signal, in order to obtain the information and communication. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications, ie, the global system for mobile communications, is the world's most important cellular systems. GSM is a standard based on narrow band TDMA, which allows a group of radio call while 8. GSM80 rise in Europe and put into use in 1991. The end of 1997, has operations in over 100 countries, making it the de facto standard in Europe and Asia, by 2001, 162 countries around the world have already built 400 GSM networks. But the GSM system capacity is limited, users of the network is overloaded, the network will have to build more facilities. The good news is that the GSM performance in other areas, in addition to providing a list of rules and signaling systems, but also opened some of the more intelligent services such as international roaming, and so on. The convenience of GSM mobile phone is that it provides a smart card, known as SIM cards and the machine can be separated, so that mobile phone users to replace and customize your personal information is very useful in this regard was. GSM phone also allows users to receive text messages 160 characters in length. 2G CDMA and GSM is the main communication standard, technically speaking, the difference between them is that the sending and receiving wireless modem standard is different in different ways. For users, the difference is: 1. Call quality. Call quality CDMA GSM phone calls in the same environment, CDMA GSM is much smaller than the noise. 2. The cell phone radiation. Excellent use of power control on CDMA, GSM CDMA mobile phone radiation than smaller. 3. High speed data access. 153.6kbps CDMA1x can provide Internet access speeds over 20 GSM GPRS faster k a few more. The actual words of similar charges, and China Unicom GSM New Horizon is similar to the Shenzhou Xing Mobile and the line of good wishes from China Unicom similar to M-Zone Mobile and China Unicom in the UP about the new forces. Explain the classification of the following CDMA and GSM within the classification. GSM is relatively simple, start with GSM. The so-called GSM mobile phone GSM 900/1800/1900 is the working frequency, namely China Mobile to support 1900MHz 900MHz, 1900MHz and the United States in common use. In the country with the support of 900MHz and 1800MHz GSM 900/1800 of the dual-band mobile phone in it. If you want to go abroad for use in the United States, will support the 1900MHz with tri-band mobile phone. CDMA800, which is the working frequency of the CDMA. Unicom CDMA is to work at 800MHz. 2G CDMA CDMA2000 is the update, is a 3G standard. Compared to the current 2G CDMA, CDMA2000 is able to offer more than a few megabytes bps data rate. Unicom CDMA 1x and CDMA networks and is given by technology. It refers to CDMA2000 1x, CDMA2000 1X is an abbreviation. Compared to the real CDMA2000, CDMA 1x as I said, can only support data rates to 153.6kbps, has been described as 2.5G technology, 3G technology is not true.
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