is a liar company?

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The company is a liar, you can check the integrity Alibaba Weekly No. 41, which is the list of termination of service than this. 38 members of the faith termination of service weekly TrustPass the first 41 members: Alibaba e-commerce market is committed to promote the establishment and improvement of the credit system, strive to provide our members with an honest, safe e-commerce platform, still rising Members of the inspection efforts are not honest, and strict control and cleaning of the prohibited information. Last week, the service was terminated Alibaba TrustPass members a total of 38, receiving the types of cases that do not come. Until last week until termination of service by Alibaba TrustPass members have more than 800. After termination of service last week, the 38 members TrustPass: Identification Company Name Ningbo High-tech maddzzm Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Mai lishuma Aidi, Futian District, Shenzhen, electronic market day will be the company of origin zhanglichen88 billion Zhongshan City, Guangdong Maoming hhsy898 Digital Co., Ltd. CNOOC Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Sheng Heng Teng Shanghai Haibo dgwe789 Co., Ltd. Beijing ddfff99s sfffs88 Guangzhou Digital Ltd Digital Hongfa Clothing Limited huohongniao red birds Co., Ltd. Lianyungang dsgehy Nanning Nanyang Trade Co., Ltd. Hua Tong Chun chuntonghg sunhua889 Chemical Co., Ltd. E-Commerce Ltd Shanghai Peng shfyrh Fengyuan wholesale company career renhongmei8899 Ling Trading Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, Qingdao wofadd Wo Fat Trading Company zq8385258 District Department Amman yatai2009168 Ting Hong computer operating Yatai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Yun jasm1ne sggth78 Zhengya Yuan Xing Li Yao Lin SE zongtai2009 lanke2099 kitchen wlwl699 lixinshuma1885 of Hu Xiang Zhang Xu Chenxi hyjnhy888 DU Fang shzjf888 Zhongjian xcx517 tygfrd789 can be good skck288 Jin Li Luo Ying Raocheng Miriam chengjunfei2009 luoyingyi2009 fly fymy858 Zhichun Ruan Chun Mei Li Zhaoyuan zhaoyuanmei1 Xu Yi lxysmgs Lvxing agricultural xinlian599 luckmony martial arts Lin Wang Haijun Zhang suteshuma xw898 cbdr2009 Sandy Lin Huang liucx0037 Kaijun Alibaba his solemn reminder of the general membership, not to rely on ultra-low-cost product supply and demand information to understand the seller carefully before commercial products, company information, and the constant use of secured transactions , payment functions, to avoid the risk of the transaction. Honesty in business is an essential quality of successful network operators, network operators may promise to be able to take time, but eventually will be punished. Alibaba integrity of the network operators will insist on strong support, but also to crack down on rogue members. Alibaba Trade and network security 02/26/2010
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