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Panasonic LX2 take calligraphy and paintings, right?1Clark2012-05-08 23:50:15
Panasonic LX2 has a wide angle, a bandwidth of 16:9, or the millions of phase factors , is used to take painting classes necessarily work better? Wide angle for landscapes , whether in the film works because of the effects of distortion? I heard the maniac and the point about book publishing to meet the overall needs ? I hope the advice of experts.
Kwong Wah Calligraphy eb first "talking" --- Gift calligraphy calligraphy1Wallis2012-03-24 05:56:58
Kwong Wah eb Calligraphy first "talk" --- Gifts Posts by calligraphy calligraphy calligraphy happyapple3388 on 27/10/2010 20:45 edition gifts, Chinese calligraphy is the most recent widely for the younger generation of business calligraphy. The alleged gift of calligraphy, calligraphy and general that the smallest regular size, this will reduce installation costs, lower selling prices in order to reach the general population is acceptable, ordinary people can afford the afford to do calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy is widely in order! Young people today, most all types of gifts to send flowers, send Christmas cards (birthday cards, Christmas cards), jewelry, etc., two or three days, most of the gifts (such as: flowers, holiday cards), and the like, you would change in the garbage disposal. Calligraphy is a treasure of Chinese culture, rich in content selectively, as a gift to the family, the love, the elderly, friends, bosses, customers, students, teachers, children, not just a special commemorative significance , and you can also hang as decorations in the living room, office and other places, and share with friends and family! More importantly, "saying" the content of calligraphy, which will express what you want! What you want! Do you think that people not only received when the trash is still, but I treasure the preservation of good, when you see it, the first to think of you, that will never be forgotten, but the impression that more and more clear, even deeper ! Calligraphy gifts for people doing business: as corporate gifts sent to the customer, so that a small gift for the heart can always retain customers, when I see it, the customer will think of you first, therefore, you may be a long term customer! Calligraphy Gifts ** Love, send a gift of calligraphy lovers: warm and sweet! For the elderly, to send a gift of calligraphy for the content of the elderly: the comfort fun! For teachers, friends, colleagues, students, to graduate, ready to start, or a generation of young people in school, etc., to send a heart for him (her) gifts custom calligraphy: respect, respect, deep friendship in all speechless! Gift of calligraphy, covering: the old, young, young children, people, etc. Five, on the special day, to send a special gift of calligraphy, but in the light matter, but the feeling thicker! Really use the gifts of youth calligraphy gifts, present in the network can be said to be a gap in the market. Wah Kwong Calligraphy for national recruitment agents, welcomed the love of calligraphy, friends, devoted to business friends to join our ranks!
Paintings in the painting, see your eye out!0Quinta2012-08-20 09:01:27
Paintings in painting , consult your eye out ! see a picture of what the inside story ? Yes , the pigeons made ​​up the "love " to hide, so the opposite sex to show you this picture, you should pay attention to myself ^ _ ^ 1.jpg (0 Bytes ) Downloads : 02 007 13 -9 to 21 : 18
Transfer: Riverside ancient calligraphy and painting a1【ポ ポ. the injury -2012-02-15 19:40:51
Transfer: calligraphy and painting an old old Riverside cross stitch, crafts, Riverside now I have a "paint" the transfer of ancient calligraphy and painting, full frame length of 3 meters wide and 40 cm, simple image as follows. A friend in need, please contact 15577054274 QQ: 10759195 Yuan Reconsideration price on request! "Painting" in the Northern Song Dynasty genre painting in the typical representation, Huan is the development of long-term results of the painting of the Northern Song Dynasty, "Riverside" about the river as a typical environment , describes the events and characters were great variety of buildings, tools, dead scenario other hand, a great historical value. The artist relies on careful observation of the Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng city gates and the street in the lively scene outside, near the river, made a detailed and accurate description. City street in the display of a variety of commercial, craft activities, transport activities in the river water, all kinds of people visit activities. Besides restaurants, pharmacies and other stores as incense shops, local arc or liquor store at the intersection of Chapu small, hanging in front of the "solution" to the word of the signs of the pawn shops, not the wheels of the carpenter, the sale of knives and scissors blacksmith, a florist, and a variety of vendors such as divination may be eleven Mou identify, from a variety of activities on the streets, officers riding, Qianhuhouyong waiter, through a pair in person, some women sat Xiaojiao. Enter a lively, some Diaodan, was driving the car are not the same style. Some people make the boat on the river, who was out there, some lean on a railing in front of the balcony suffocated. This animated scene, the artist organized orderly, complex but not chaotic and fascinating, ancient capital of style, representation in the eyes. Composition, there is always morality is the Lord, sometimes with thick and thin, with a relaxation of tension, to rural villages, rivers, urban-based, and spread gradually to a very, rural village, is a manual, more briefly. In the river, which described efforts to cargo ship, until the arc, forming the first climax. Bridge under the bridge, the ship's side of the boat, people running in circles, call loud noise, very tight, and after slowly back, ending the most important section of the center. And the bridge from the restaurant on the street through the city, all kinds of vehicles. Shops, all kinds of people, step by step tightening, a tight, forming a second climax. For the second street of the city, finished image. "Painting" in the Southern Song Dynasty copy a lot, a roll of gold, showing that the prosperity of the South come to miss the feelings of the ancient capital, its importance is great.
looking for high quality paintings2Jerom2012-09-23 07:20:02
Looking for high quality paints in styles diverend , Relalism abstract , decorative , landscape , still life, wedding pictures , paintings potrait . 100% handmade paintings .
Jade paintings of various styles can be used as decoration to share, Business Gifts!1Loui2012-04-06 07:44:57
Jade paintings of different styles can be used as decoration for corporate gifts, share! The current new gifts and decorations, jade craft paint . Many varieties of style, beautiful realistic flowers , is the decor , the best selection of gifts, with photos as evidence! Not as a friend in need to contact me ! Wholesale and retail can be! Price reductions, happy! Tel : 83745796 QQ: 312414879 Email: [email protected] [ EM26 ] 02ok.jpg (0 Bytes ) Downloads : 02 006 -6 to 9 13:07
Large Collection of kenyan Art-Paintings,carvings,Tribal gears,hand made Fabrics etc1Pat2012-03-23 07:51:45
We have a very large collection of the above products will offers.anyone incredibly interested in either small or large orders should contact before we return to our senses ! [email protected] ~ ~ V
I want to buy Panasonic VS3, excuse me?1porcupine2012-04-06 01:04:04
I ask how much money to buy VS3 ? I went to many places to store the ... ...
How do I find lcd screen cf-w5 panasonic?1s6c-gEL 2012-02-20 19:56:53
Note Let Panasonic W5 ( CF- W5 ) ( CF- W5AWDPJR ) 12.1 "XGA ( Matte ) (1 CCFL backlight ) LCD screen
Panasonic G60 display a problem.1caiman, cayman2012-04-05 07:09:54
Machine with a four or five months and found a warning icon on the screen , including: a red circle in the center is a white exclamation mark , position and alarm bell on the road between the two icons (next to the left of . ring mode ) symptoms : every time you boot , there will be an SMS message tone (Fan Hao before there are none) searched the manual has not seen a solution! . Ask your heroes! In this Xianxie too!
Panasonic vs3 you have radio function. . . .5cool guy 2015-10-31 00:00:03
Panasonic VS3 has the function of radius. . . .
Instructions for use Panasonic FP82CN1 ˉ cold and cool -2012-03-06 03:43:59
Fax : Panasonic KX- FP82CN all instructions

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