TrustPass members do as a fake

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This is to write articles from home, but support Alipay has to pay all kinds of reasons not to treasure what I suspect your identity
Answer1Legion of Us Answered at 2012-05-07 23:08:14
TrustPass members if the identity of the upper right corner to see if traffic signals or Pu Wang integrity can contact Alibaba service department 0571-85027110 see the other side is all that I think TrustPass members to consult, it was not a liar , right? These aspects of greater participation, you can go to Ali Forum understand that if every defensive behavior is not a liar , the TrustPass members are credible, as we humans do not pay attention to the integrity of each person, so that communication is more , choose the best and safest way to trade, you'll be fine ! Alibaba general systems are more stringent , especially more emphasis on integrity and service ! If you want to ask the identity TrustPass members have made? Are not guaranteed to , and now a liar many unscrupulous use of means of the network and relationships, from the use of digging more! Since it was suspected his identity, but the proposal with the head of your Alibaba , through the audit, and know that as real. There can be false , if the certificate is not enough, I saw some of the members did not upload the certificates , for example , a company would dare to do business with him .
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