Today, the price of gold recovery gold recovery gold recovery how much the price of one gram of gold recovery latest

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Beijing Yuan Lin jewelry company . Business Phone 13124711729 Beijing has been engaged in the processing industry wholesale jewelry. Due to the needs of industry, therefore, the long-term recovery of gold bullion coins diamonds platinum and 18K gold 22K gold Platinum Gold G750 platinum PT950 PT900 PT990 PD990 PD950 palladium platinum gold -palladium ( silver 925) (emerald and property Tianyu Cheng) and other precious jewelry. Following the opening of China's gold market because the price of gold every day different. The company recovered the gold price quotations in accordance with the international recycling . Industry OEM all kinds of diamond jewelry is the K gold jewelry . Beijing area can be a choice. 24 hours , by phone, 13124711729
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12,009 rally in gold bullion, as a rainbow of a gram of their New Year 80 yuan at 08:01 on December 17, 2009 Source: Free Mobile access: Male Well I'm the top (0 ) Have News Net (press Lize Ling) at the end of class collections of gold after selling another New Year, but due to higher gold prices this year, this year the number of years New price of one gram of gold expensive bars that last year 80. It is understood that the air path in the notes of the New World Guoding (600,628, stock it) who guide in charge said, "The Year of the Ox Chinese New last year, the issue price of gold bullion was only 238 yuan per gram, this year's Lunar New Year Tigre issue price of gold bullion is as high as 318 yuan per gram, one gram of pink 80. where the best selling 50 grams of specifications, this month before arrival, to quickly sell out of stock. "China Gold Coin Corporation issued in the current New Year's bars of gold in Wuhan price 298 yuan per gram, compared to last year, more than 220 yuan per gram , a gram too expensive for almost 80. Recommended Reading "underground gold fried" with renewed speculation winds gold power strategy on how to adjust the amortization of the benefits of gold bullion twenty-eight thousand and four expert tips to consider blocking the payments in kind to avoid the risk adjusted price of gold is expected to welcome the local populations of gold only at the end of public investment in investment gold fire Huai'an held in China, "gold collar New Year" detonated first Lunar New Year Lunar New Year market, Tianjin, hundreds of kilograms of gold coins, the same day that the company sold to the head spring of Wuhan, said: "As the fierce concentration in gold prices this year, New Year's gathering of raw material prices are more expensive than in the past to many, the end of October issue of the Tiger Chinese New Year commemorative coins issued only when the price of 5,000 yuan, and has now risen to 8,000, while the issue price of the same section last year, only less than 4,000 yuan. It is understood that the gold bars from the end of 2002 Lunar New Year of the Ram issue as gold bars issued New Year for 8 consecutive years, becoming the tradition of the people familiar with the varieties of gold investment. Compared to previous years, this year, breaking the record straight international gold price, the price of Zodiac gold bullion has become the highest ever. This is a business of gold exchange revealed little, if gold prices recently, gold bars Lunar New Year the price of retail Tigre in Guangzhou, 310 yuan per gram may fluctuate more than 92 per year / g Ram Zodiac Year 2 times more expensive bars. New Year gold bars members of the public in the New Year this year, although the burden of the purchase price gold bullion higher, but the enthusiastic buying public. Last month, a customer was the leading country in the world's Guide notes to buy 400 grams of a one-time payment in the total value of 127,200 yuan rate . This month, a client once more in store than 15 million yuan to purchase Chinese New Year money. It is understood that at the end, gifts and other factors, the Lunar New Year will usher in a collection of precious metals sales peak. the sharp correction in gold prices last week, some people are busy with hunters gold price falls, the last two weeks recently fallen by a total of U.S. $ 104, many people willing to wait for an opportunity to buy and the price is a good time to buy? Industrial Bank (601,166, stock it) currency trading center in Wuhan branch of gold Shuai Ge analysts believe that gold long term trend remains upward, the recent price correction, the public can buy physical gold in batches, in particular the price of about $ 1,100 an ounce, is involved in a good time. countries make up the military analyst senior gold Liu believes that a strong rebound in the dollar, short-term uncertainties in the price of gold increased, more likely to repeat, below the $ 1.100 is not entirely impossible, but the basic factors to take into account too many changes occur, consider buying physical gold bars in lots different periods of time, this can spread the cost, will be to maximize profit margins, which were adjusted later, do not rule out gold at a new high before Chinese New Year.
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