Note the decoration decoration all winter Literacy Reading

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Note the decoration of the decoration of the entire winter reading literacy
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In fact, the problems of winter home improvement, most primer climatic factors only, not the root cause, root cause remains the renewal and the selection of building materials is whether it is appropriate specifications, if the right materials, processed without any problems, live in, you will save a lot of trouble. Tended compared to the winter edition is more noteworthy is that the construction of winter to the note. Links: Collection of winter decoration, eight five-note wood is not used immediately. For so many families are part of the decoration will approach the appropriate materials, however, winter construction, wood is better not to use a method, because the raw materials are generally open storage in winter outside temperature is low, the water freezing easy materials, therefore, approach, the best park for 3-5 days at room temperature, and other woods "slow" come before use. Make sure the temperature of the construction. The cold of winter, the house has central heating Fortunately, if the home heating in the house, some of the costs of home improvements, in order to save time, heating is not open, but will affect the quality of construction. Room temperature is best maintained at 5 degrees Celsius, the temperature is too low, the putty, tiling, is easy on the cold concrete, less intensity, resulting in depletion, shedding phenomenon. Windy Day Do not open the window. The wallpaper, putty and other processes, we must pay attention, do not open the window, otherwise, the case of strong winds, is easy to create a "fake dry" phenomenon, the surface looks and feels dry, not the actual domestic dry, this will affect the quality behind the process. Environmental awareness. Affected by temperature, winter construction is not like other seasons, as the total open windows, so it will affect the emissions of harmful gases. You know, when the temperature is low, the volatility of harmful gases is reduced or suspended volatile, such a situation, after arrival, the temperature rose, the harmful gases will be out of healthy living. Even environmentally friendly materials, we can not guarantee that it is free of harmful ingredients, but only less harmful ingredients such materials. Therefore, as far as possible in the selection options as well as ecological building materials, the process as little as possible in the use of antifreeze or utilizing a similar material is not as serious in the environment, but also pay attention to the afternoon to take some steps, such as through green plants absorb gases. Many of the problems in the assembly, but the owners can not understand all the issues to be renewed after the renewal of the experts, therefore, the best choice for high quality and level of decoration companies management, as much as possible to avoid some of the problems can be avoided.
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