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About Sharp mobile phones1Muwahahahaha 2012-05-07 02:46:44
Beijing is not licensed , right? Like 703 or something, buy parallel imports have to pay attention to what ah ?
Sharp mobile phones in Hangzhou where to sell1 country girls. -2012-01-28 01:59:34
I want to know where to sell Hangzhou parallel Sharp phones , thanks!
I want to buy mobile phones, but the V903 is still undecided is SHARP NOKIA's N73 good?1Sharpay2012-07-09 02:53:02
I want to buy mobile phones, but the V903 is still undecided SHARP NOKIA N73 is good? Sharp enough I think most of the V903 , now popular, how it really is, but I like the cover, but do not know the place is not convenient to use , they typically send information on any more afraid of some few minutes to send a message. Nokia N73 is the screen as big, and now I'm using the Nokia machine , sent messages very easy, but I heard that can be locked . Very hard to make a decision ah ~ ~ ~ By the way , is there any other machine you recommend? My request : The best big-screen flip easily send information at least 130 pixels Universal stream MP3
On a mobile phone shop selling mobile phones how to profit Yeah, want to do with mobile co-operating room. Please experts and experienced friends pointing the details, thank you!1Trenton2012-07-22 19:26:02
Lot of friends experienced advice, like the kind of mobile phone sales Yeah benefits . Mobile to how the distribution of room profitability. Is more mobile phone shop selling mobile phones to open a gain of how ah , what to do with the motive of co - operating room . Please experts and experienced friends , and generally pointing out the details of participation in profits, thanks !
Some phones are not the place to be to sell mobile phones to open?0harvinder2012-07-25 22:21:02
Is the mobile phone into the computer, showing the disk, but the display lock. In selling mobile phones, where they fight to open.
3g mobile phones must be smart phones?1rishav2016-12-05 22:06:53
Buy a mobile phone, want to buy 2500 yuan of the following mobile phones want like element tall, pat photograph clarity, can insert SD card.1Singapore2012-06-21 08:56:12
Buy a mobile phone , wants to buy 2,500 yuan of the following mobile phones want as a tall, clear picture Pat , you can insert the SD card.
Shanghai where to sell Vodafone's mobile phone? Toshiba or Sharp1 조동사 2012-02-15 01:06:36
Shanghai, where to sell Vodafone mobile phones ? Toshiba or Sharp
Where there is suitable for Sharp 9020c, letter to the flying mass mobile client?1plural noun2012-05-28 18:15:48
Sharp 9020c download flight charts , but the version is 1.0.17 , not in the mass group of friends, which is not suitable for Sharp, 9020c letter to the bodies flying mobile client ? Questions added : I am the dream in the mobile Internet, select the appropriate version (Sharp 9020c ) to download , but the letters fly is version 1.0.17 , not explosions group of friends, I Jiqiu for Sharp , 9020c , letter to the customer's mobile mass flying . Good response to more! !
About to buy mobile phones1Ma2012-02-19 23:45:44
I chose the following paragraphs - Nokia 3250/3230 , MOTO E2 , Sony Ericsson K750c is best to buy ?
QQ on the use of mobile phones1Mentally2011-12-20 20:22:08
Why I'm not using QQ oppoA100 the phone before I can say that this event is disconnected from a visit , please re-register ? A few days ago I came every day , said the connection fails Tencent had just closed my phone last night to the morning rush , but not yet in 12:00 ( repeat above)
Bird mobile phones2Shag_Dawg 2016-02-26 19:05:05
I can use mobile phones of birds, each time after replacing the battery should be re- set the time and date, and turns off automatically if the phone battery died , and the time will stop, even after replacing the battery a new re -set, how to solve? Thank you !

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