Albert Yu Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd. address whether there is fraud?

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VCD CD-ROM provides instruction, samples and the number of drawings, production of molds, easy to learn, a look will be. 100-1000 issuing a separate piece of raw materials, products will be recycled, must deposit 1,500. Note: This recall when the first batch of products will be returned, and no late fees. Headquarters, for free for long-term delivery and pre-payment of processing fee for its next batch of 50%. For example, the confinement "Fu" shipments of 1,000 units per month basis, the recovery of the product, while the balance of 22,000 yuan processing fees, management fees for the 22000 u00D7 8% = 1760 u5143 1000 months after birth, while they are in front of 11,000 for prepaid items processing fee, processing fee that was approved with 50% of the total. Day of the post office to send money to his name, the balance paid upon receipt. A perfect service all the way in technology for the production of his escort. Note: The first delivery of 100, and other products delivered after the second series from the start the right way, each batch of 1,000 long-term delivery. It can also be processed according to the actual situation on the side of self-correction. Why is the reputation of being collaborators received the payment? Returning? Vast territory of China, based in the course of processing households wanted, in fact, every application can not be co-investors in the business reputation of the independent investigation and evaluation. In cooperation fair, equitable and open based on the legitimate rights and interests of both parties have been violated and to ensure the transformation of the products should return home, make sure that both the health, stability, reciprocity, benefit mutual, joint development, the site will be temporarily closed to the credibility of the mode of operating margin.

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