My qq is not stolen? !

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Asked at 2012-05-06 06:56:39
~ I ordered last month , a viral network ! What if hackers ~ ~ ~ and then open the computer each time , no C drive can not find anything like that . However, did not affect the computer work , which no care. But yesterday and today , I hung number q, always appears : Your qq / tm landed elsewhere , was forced off the assembly line . And then came up and right , this is not representative of my QQ number stolen? ! You please help me ! My qq number of sun , butah ! And they are not protected by password ~ you end up like the case ? ! Please help me , I would be very grateful to everyone!
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The Trojan horse to be stolen, and I have this occur, a password change on the proposal to revise the computer , QQ should not be stolen, the virus had no problem cleaning
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